What’s an Artsy Forager?

18 Mar

Welcome to Artsy Forager!   Now that you’re here, I’m sure you are wondering what exactly is this place?   Well..

Artsy Forager is a daily blog created by me, Lesley Frenz, as a means of showcasing the amazing artists & artwork that I find exceptional.  On Artsy Forager, you’ll see–

  • Featured posts on artwork & artists, including my “Pick of the Crop” artists– a group of artists whose work I especially love & find extraordinary
  • Artist Diggs–studio tours, a look inside the places where the magic happens
  • Exhibition Reviews– my thoughts on art openings & shows I attend
  • Gallery Reviews– how each gallery is unique and what they have to offer
  • Art First, Then Sofa– advice for incorporating fine art into your home’s interior
  • DoGooders– artists making a difference
  • Discussions of current art trends
  • Interesting art happenings from all over the world
  • and much, much more!!

Please come back on Monday, March 21st for the first “real” post!   Until then.. look around your city and engage  in something artsy!

Share your artsy thoughts!

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