Pick of the Crop: Eng’s Eye

24 Mar

One week into being an official blogger and I’ve already found that though I may plan to write about a specific artist on a specific day, sometimes the universe seems to be telling me to write something different.  All signs today pointed first to photography, then to Jacksonville photographer, Doug Eng

Double Reflection - Modis

I first saw Doug’s nature photography and definitely knew he had something.  While working for a gallery & art consulting firm, I saw A LOT of mediocre photography.  But Doug’s images were different– not only were they many notches above most others in terms of the quality of the image itself, but the compositions were unique and unusual.  His way of seeing, especially in capturing architectural structures, is extraordinary.

Old and New - SunTrust, BOA, Modis

Unlike many photographers today, Doug doesn’t rely on heavily manipulating his images– he mostly composes his images in the camera, taking hundreds of different shots to get to that one “magic” piece.

Last Light on County Dock, Mandarin FL

Capturing moments in time is Doug’s specialty– whether the moment is filled with humor, sentiment or a changing cityscape.

Pizza Guys - Florence, Italy

Each image tells a story, some more obvious than others, but all equally interesting and relevant.

Fallen - Pisgah NF - SR 1206

Doug’s work can be seen in person at Southlight Gallery in Downtown Jacksonville or online here at Artsy Forager or on Doug’s own website.   When not out shooting fabulous imagery, he can usually be found working at Studio 121, a co-operative studio of artists in Downtown Jacksonville.

One Response to “Pick of the Crop: Eng’s Eye”

  1. Doug Eng March 26, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Hi Lesley…I’m honored to be part of your blog! Looking forward to your future “foragings”.


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