Friday Forager Faves

8 Apr

Can you believe it’s already Friday again?  Where did the week go?! 

There is no real theme for this week’s Friday Faves..  other than these are a few of my favorite things right now.  All art related, all colorful, all inspiring to me for different reasons.

This may possibly be my favorite quote ever.  And something I struggle with daily.  ( Yes, “loose” should be “lose” and the artist acknowledged it, but somehow that imperfection makes it even better ). 

I want to spend the day outside, playing with watercolors, not caring whether or not the sketches are any good.  ( I stink at watercolors! )

I love everything about this image.  The jewelled rainbow color palette, the abstract expressionist paint splashes, the idea of the paint falling like rain, the black & white vintage girl… love, love, love.

Sir Boston - Fridge Art - original oil painting by Clair Hartmann

I fell hard for this little guy the first time I saw him.  So dapper, so sophisticated!

Wishing you a weekend full of warmth, spring color and artsyness!  Be inspired.

1.  Image via Amanda Cherie.

2.  Image via Pinterest.

3.  Image via Pinterest via Terrain.

4.   Image of “Sir Boston” by Clair Hartmann, via Clair’s Etsy shop.

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