Friday Forager Faves: Birthday Wish List

15 Apr

Today is my birthday, ya’ll.   I will be happily spending the day with the one who birthed me, touring the Downtown Jacksonville studio of Christina Foard and researching downtown galleries for an article I’m writing for EU Magazine ( my first published print article! ).   In the spirit of Steve Martin’s SNL “Christmas Wish” sketch, I’m indulging in my own Birthday Wish list.

These are works of art that, “If I could have but one birthday wish this birthday”… to own any one of these would be my birthday wish.  These are the pieces I covet, the pieces that I know I would love forever and ever and give them a kind and loving home. 

Sleep Deprived and the Dog Can Wait by Casey Matthews

The title alone makes me smile.  I love how the palette is both warm and cool AND neutral all at the same time.  And I have a thing for circles.  I’ve seen this in person and it is stunning.

Lucy in the Sky by Maribel Angel

I love the Beatles.  I love the idea of a flying bunny chasing carrots.  I love Maribel’s work.  I would never tire of seeing this.

Speak No Evil by Pam Moxley

This reminds me of what it was like to be a kid, without a care in the world.  Summer days, carefree ways.  Before life was complicated.

Hotel, Calgary by Theresa Maxwell

This sweet little painting makes me think of honeymooning.. living out of a suitcase.. letting someone else make the bed.. bliss!

Lifetime Partners by Christina Foard 

I fell in love with this the first time I saw it on Christina’s Facebook page.  It reminds me of the devotion and complete commitment it takes to make a life with someone, to be a united front through thick and thin, to be sure of each other no matter what may lie ahead.  Maybe I’m just a starry-eyed newlywed.

I could go on and on adding more and more to this list– believe me, there are MANY more!  But I was raised to not be greedy, so I’m limiting myself to these five.  Even if I don’t have the real thing, they will always be here for me to gaze upon lovingly.  Happy birthday to me!

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