Masterworks Monday: Brancusi

13 Jun

Thanks to our next door neighbor, who creates “sculptures” out of found objects and has a rotating display in his front & side yard, I’ve been thinking a lot about sculpture lately.  Which has led me to discover an egregious error here at Artsy Forager and that is the incredible, unforgiveable lack of sculptural work on this blog!  I am here to rectify the situation, beginning with one of my favorite contemporary masters, Constantin Brancusi.

Sleeping Muse, 1909-10

Born in 1876 in Romania, Brancusi came to fame in France, after working under the guidance of Auguste Rodin, Brancusi blossomed into his own style, creating clean, simplified organic forms, Brancusi came to be known as the Patriarch of Modern Sculpture.

Bird in Space, 1923

In his work, Brancusi breaks down the forms of his subject into simple, geomtric shapes, so that the end result is less a representation of the actual subject, but rather the essence of the feeling that subject’s form evokes.

Mademoiselle Pogany, 1912The Newborn, 1920

The elegance of Brancusi’s lines and the restfulness and peace his forms suggest, even when depicting a screaming baby ( see The Newborn, above ), help to quiet my spirit.  What about you?  Any artists whose work “quiets your spirit”?  Or maybe you’re not in to Brancusi ( and that’s OK ).. Whose sculptures do you love?

2 Responses to “Masterworks Monday: Brancusi”

  1. paintlater June 20, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    Hi Forager, I love Brancusi but I am always drawn to the works of Antony Gormley ( a british sculptor but has done works all over the world) . Cheers Sue

    • Lesley June 21, 2011 at 12:34 am #

      Love Gormley’s work, Sue! Thanks for stopping by and bringing him to my attention. ( Love your blog, as well! )

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