Not Your Average Photo Realism: Leslie Parke

20 Sep

So there’s really nothing average about photo-realistic painting.  Being a lover of abstract work,  I usually find photo-realistic work to be, well, a little boring.  Yes, it takes tremendous skill and talent ( I certainly can’t do it ), yet something about it typically leaves me cold.  BUT not so when I saw the work of Leslie Parke!  Not only does she possess a spectacular name ( if spelled incorrectly *grin* ), she also has a fantastic way of presenting realistic work in a unique and interesting way.

China In The River, oil on linen, 20x28

For instance, China In The River ( above ) takes everyday objects and places them in an unusual circumstance.  China is floating in the river– how did it get there?  Shipwreck?  Flood?  The light glistens on the surface of the water and on the floating cups and saucers as they are carried downstream.

Janet's Shelf, oil on linen, 40x60

A collection of glassware becomes a box of sparkling jewels.  She finds the beauty in the thrown away and disgarded.

Not From Concentrate, oil on linen, 60x42

Please visit Leslie Parke’s website and Facebook page to see more of her work.  Her work will be on display at Gremillion and Co. Fine Arts in Houston, TX, November 10- December 10, 2011.  If you are in the area, check it out!

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