Portrait Of My Dreams: Ann Marshall

22 Sep

Confession:  I kind of have a list of artists who I would love to have paint my portrait.  These are artists through whose eyes I want to see myself.  Is that weird?  Wait, on second thought, don’t answer that.  Anyhoo… right now, near the top of the list is Ann Marshall, only behind Deborah Scott, who was the one to introduce me to Ann’s work in the first place.  This is an artist who is able to capture the essence of her sitter’s soul and bare it onto the canvas in a strong yet soft way.

Sunshine and Molasses, pastel and paper collage on paper, 39x55

Her detailed surfaces and the way the figures are incorporated into their surroundings give her work an ethereal, haunting quality, yet they still feel fresh and modern.

Katherine, oil and collage on canvas, 30x40

I definitely see a contemporary take on art nouveau and some fabulous Gustav Klimt-ish layering of pattern.

Garden, pastel and paper collage on paper, 39x55 and 19x55

Then there’s the Pre-Raphaelitish influence of some of the compositions and poses, which give the work a wonderfully romantic, Brontesque quality.

I Used to be a Southern Belle, pastel and paper collage on paper, 55x39

Her figures are rendered with stunningly quiet power and vulnerability.  Which, I think, as women is exactly how we might like to see ourselves.

To see more of Ann Marshall’s work, please visit her website and Facebook page.

Featured image is Wait by Ann Marshall.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Ann Marshall’s feature was written to music by She & Him.

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