Make Way For Pamela’s Parade: Pamela Durga Robinson

10 Oct

Everyone loves a parade, don’t they?  Well, I certainly do.  And Seattle artist Pamela Durga Robinson’s Parade series brilliantly captures the spirits of the parts that make the whole.

Drill Team Captain, oil on canvas, 36x36

She choses to isolate the individual players– band members, clowns, audience– so that we can focus in on them and their experience.

Seasoned Critics, oil on canvas, 12x12

Her figures are so human.. these are your parents, children, friends, the people you see at the supermarket on Sunday.  She uses negative space to give importance to figures that otherwise might just be faces lost in the crowd.  And her brightly colored backgrounds recall the upbeat cheeriness of a parade and provide an interesting juxtaposition against the sometimes sullen faces.

Flutes All In A Row, oil on canvas, 12x12

Drill Team Wannabes, oil on canvas, 12x12

To see more of Pamela’s parade of characters, be sure to check out her website.  You can also see her work in person ( and enjoy some yummy goodies ) at Fresh Flours on Phinney Ave in Seattle.

Featured image is Anticipation, oil on canvas, 36×12.  All images are courtesy of the artist’s website.

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