Bare Naked Portraits: Lu Cong

18 Oct

Remember when I said that I have a wish list of portrait artists?  Well, modern portrait artist Lu Cong has been at the top of the heap for quite a while.  He infuses his portraits with a soft glow that is at once ethereal and alien.

Tabitha #9, oil on panel, 36x40

His soft palette creates a peaceful atmosphere, juxtaposed with the slightly off-putting direct gaze of the subject.  The result is a stunning image of not just the portrait sitter, but of a momentary glimpse into their emotional world.

A Song At Dusk, oil on panel, 30x30

Eyes wide and lips slightly parted, there is an intense vulnerability captured in these images.  Not merely paintings of physical features, but souls laid bare.

Corbin #2, oil on panel, 32x28

My Name is Tabitha, oil on panel, 36x48

To see more of Lu Cong’s haunting portrait paintings, please visit his website and Facebook page.  ( Don’t forget to follow Artsy Forager, too, while you’re at it! )

Featured image is A Moment With Liza, oil on panel, 24×18.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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