Friday Faves: Spooktacular

28 Oct

You will never catch me watching a gory horror movie, so I’m not usually drawn to truly gruesome imagery.  But I do love a good spooky mystery, so just in time for Halloween, today’s round-up features some of my favorite frightful art!

Edison's Parable by Jamie Baldridge

Chair With Hand by Kim Kamens, thread, nails and wood, 48x72

Dolly Madison Zebra Stripe Death by Dirk Westphal, limited edition print, 11x14, 16x20 or 24x30

Phones by Melanie Pullen

To see more of these artists awesomely creepy work, please visit their websites listed below.  Happy Halloween!

1.  Jamie Baldridge

2.  Kim Kamens

3.  Dirk Westphal ( the print shown is available via ArtWeLove, but make sure to check out Dirk’s website, too! )

4.  Melanie Pullen 

Featured image is “Flock” by Kim Kamens, thread, nails & wood, 72×48.  All images are courtesy of the artist’s websites, unless otherwise noted.

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