As The Fabric Folds: Carin Ingalsbe

3 Nov

Art and textiles have enjoyed a long and happy partnership.  Every art student has known the joy of capturing supple folds of fabric in charcoal.  As we explored during artsyF A S H I O NWeek, many artists have been captivated by the beauty of intricately crafted garments.  In her work, Massachusetts photographer Carin Ingalsbe  celebrates the remarkable colors, textures and patterns of clothing and costume.

New York City Ballet, Ballet Imperial Yellow

Carin’s latest series focuses concentration on fashion normally admired from afar– ballet costumes.

Boston Ballet, Boston Bluebird

Inherently, these opulent pieces are designed to be beautiful while in movement.  But in her closely cropped still lifes, Carin captures their quiet beauty and we are treated to a look at the intricacies of each individual garment.

New York City Ballet, Sugarplum Fairy

New York City Ballet, Ballet Imperial

If you are anything like me, you’re now dreaming of floating across the stage in one of these numbers.  To see more of Carin Ingalsbe’s stunning photographs, please visit her website.  Make sure you read the history of each garment– fascinating stuff!

You can also check out Carin’s work in person at Lanoue Fine Art in Boston.

Featured image is The Royal Swedish Ballet, Metallic Skirt c. 1790-1830.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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