Quilts Are Cool

16 Nov

Maybe you beg to differ with that title.  But I’m here to present to you Gainesville, FL artist Amy Vigilante, who does indeed create artistically meaningful, strikingly graphic quilts.  These aren’t your grandma’s bedspreads.  Vigilante’s quilts are modern interpretations of an old world craft.

May May, fabrics and thread, 58x53

May May ( back ), fabrics and thread, 58x53

Make no mistake, these aren’t quilts to cuddle up in on the sofa.  These are intricate works of textile art.  As is my usual m.o., I find the backs just as wonderful and interesting as the fronts.. ( see the pair above & below ).

Sushi, fabric, found objects and thread, 54x51

Sushi ( back ), fabric, found objects and thread, 54x51

Vigilante’s Garment Series includes works constructed using found female garments such as lingerie and swimsuits.  This series seems to perhaps speak to the common female obsession with fashion, “heirlooms” of our past and domesticity mixed with sexuality.

More striking for me, however, are her more geometric works.  These have a tremendous sense of composition and movement.

Zoe, hand-printed fabrics and thread, 91x82

Yogi, fabrics and thread, 90x83

Please visit Amy Vigilante’s website to see more of her work.  If you’re in the North Florida area, her work will be on display as part of the A Woman’s World show, opening this Thursday 12/17, presented by C Gallery at Daryl Bunn Studios.  This show is a mix of some spectacularly talented established and emerging artists.  Not to be missed!

Featured image is Frida ( back ), fabric, found objects and thread, 52×49.  All images are via the artist’s website.

One Response to “Quilts Are Cool”

  1. delightfilledart November 16, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    I too am a quilt fan! I have one on our bed that is at least from the mid 1900s. My big dream is to make one some day. My Grandma used to quilt 9-5 when she was older at the community centre.

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