The Artsy Home: Walls O’ Art

7 Dec

So you have amassed a little art collection for yourself, huh?  Well done, you!  But maybe you’re stuck on how to display your finds..  Creating “art walls” in your space will allow you to stylishly show off your favorites.

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One of my favorite things about art walls also known as hanging art “salon style” is how flexible the arrangement is.  It’s a gathering of artwork you love, so there are no set rules.  As in the graphic arrangement above, you can group artwork with like elements.  Above, the simple, black graphics are the unifying factor.

Or, use frames in all the same color to unify your favorites.  All white or black frames ( or gold, silver, wood, whatever! ) will create an instantly well-designed, intentional feel to your collection.

via From The Right Bank

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For a more traditional or sleek look, you can go stream-lined and symmetrical.  Hang works from the same series in a grid format for a clean, contemporary arrangement.

via Timothy Whealon Interiors

Or, just go loosey-goosey and have fun!  Start with the largest piece, either in actual size or visual weight and work out from there.  Lay your artwork on the floor and play with the configuration until it feels right.

via Pinterest via The Cottage Nest via House to Your Home via Studiodalu

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Fill the wall as much..

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.. or as little as you like!

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The actual hanging process may seem daunting, but this foolproof method will help you along.  If you need a little assistance coming up with a design, check out these templates for a some inspiration!

Happy hanging!

Featured image via The Glitter Guide.

2 Responses to “The Artsy Home: Walls O’ Art”

  1. m.a.tateishi December 8, 2011 at 6:25 am #

    O boy, if someone has an art wall, that’s where I’ll park myself to check everything out! I love hearing the stories about how people found the art they love. And my personal take is that a random arrangement allows you to add new favs to the big picture.

  2. artsyhome December 8, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    Love it! That’s a great way to display art in your home or office.

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