Fragile Fairy Tales

22 Dec

Sometimes I’m just not sure how the work of certain artists escapes my notice.  Then one day, as I happen to be perusing Pinterest, searching for a home exercise regimen I just knew I saw but forgot to pin, I see an image that blows me away.  Case in point:  the image below by fine art photographer Tom Chambers.

Saccharine Perch, photo montage

Chambers’ fine art photo montages have a haunting surrealistic quality, but have a spiritual and ethereal quality that has a sentimentality to it that perhaps owes itself to one of Chambers’ influences, Andrew Wyeth.

Camouflage, photo montage

Chambers’ work also has the same soft muted colors and striking light as Wyeth’s, which adds to the dreamlike quality.  Add to that their narrative nature makes them seem to me, like a fairy tale meets a folk song.

The Goatherd, photomontage

The Offering, photo montage

To see more of Tom Chambers’ work, please visit his website.  Be sure and read the artist statement for each series– the stories behind the images definitely enhance your viewing experience!

Featured image is Blue Fox by Tom Chambers.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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