Of Myths and Imaginings

27 Dec

Some of my favorite artwork is the work that defies categorization and tells an interesting story.  While studying art history in college, I always loved the stories and superstitions related to a piece of work almost as much as the visual pleasure they gave.  Needless to say, the art history geek in me adores the figurative work of Claire B. Cotts in all their allegorical, mysterious glory.

Turkish Mother and Child, acrylic, 36x48

Claire’s work is reminiscent of historical portraiture and metaphorical painting so pervasive throughout much of art history.  The warm, rich palette enhances the timeless quality of her work.

The Year Spent Waiting, acrylic, 36x48

The paintings are like a glorious mix between historical and folk art but with a modern touch.

Flood, acrylic, 36x48

Woman With Quinces, acrylic, 36x82

Make sure you visit Claire B. Cotts’ website to see more of her work, including some equally amazing abstracts!  Gotta love a versatile artist!

Featured image is Quinceanera, acrylic, 24×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.

One Response to “Of Myths and Imaginings”

  1. brittany December 27, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    I really like these. Surreal. The first two are almost like Madonna and child.

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