What Dreams May Come

2 Jan

Welcome to 2012!  As much as I love the sparkles and coziness of the holidays, with a new year comes time for thoughtful reflection on what was, along with plans and hopes for what is to come.  To kick off the year, the work of Charlotte, NC artist Duy Huynh ( pronounced yee wun ) is just the right combination of quiet contemplation and dreaminess to fit the mood of a new beginning.

Metamorphosis of a Metaphor, acrylic on wood, 40x40

Duy Huynh is no stranger to new beginnings, having come to the U.S. from his native Vietnam in the early 80s.  Finding himself immersed in a completely new world and language, he learned to use art to make connections.

Metamorphosis of a Metaphor, acrylic on wood, 32x40

He continues to engage through his work by using symbols such as butterflies, boats, pianos, etc to create narratives just enigmatic enough to allow the viewer to imagine their own visual tale.

The Organ Donor, acrylic on ceramic tile, 16x16

His work is beautiful in its ethereal simplicity, like the small coo of a dove or the drifting of a feather on the wind.  This is an artist who works with a gentle, light hand and the results are peaceful and reflective painted stories.

Eggscapism, acrylic on wood, 24x24

Boundlessness in Bloom, acrylic on canvas, 36x36

I hope the coming year will be a time when you paint your own story.  Make this year exactly what you want it to be.

To see more of Duy Huynh’s work, please visit his website and the website of his Charlotte gallery, Lark & Key.

Featured image is A Kindred Spirit Will Lead Her Out of the Woods, acrylic on wood, 48×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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