The Space Between: Erin McIntosh

28 Feb

The world today is so loud and pushy.  We are visually bombarded at all times with color, typography, imagery, you name it.  It begins to weigh us down unknowingly.  Atlanta artist Erin McIntosh’s recent work has a quiet, delicate quality, the perfect antidote for a noisy world.

Watercolor 30, watercolor on paper, 9x9 image on 11x14 paper

In her work, Erin is seeking to explore the silence to be discovered among the cacophony.  Her intuitive process and use of water-based media give her works on paper a soft, gossamer-like quality.

Watercolor 32, watercolor on paper, 9x9 image on 11x14 paper

Diaphanous shapes and translucent forms float freely, randomly just as our thoughts as we lie in the grass and daydream.  We’re wafted away through the chaos and into the quiet stillness.

Watercolor 31, watercolor on paper, 9x9 image on 11x14 paper

Untitled, watercolor on paper ( via Gregg Irby Fine Art )

Ah.. I feel so peaceful now!  To see more of Erin McIntosh’s work and enjoy a bit of her own brand of artsy stillness, please visit her website.  I also highly recommend a visit to the website of her representing gallery, Gregg Irby Fine Art.  If you happen to be in Atlanta, drop by and see these lovelies in person!

And, as a wonderful little treat, here’s a video of the artist herself, telling you a bit about her work–

Erin McIntosh Interview

Featured image is Capsule Series #9, watercolor on paper, 8×8 ( via the artist’s Etsy shop ).  All other images are via Gregg Irby Fine Art.

4 Responses to “The Space Between: Erin McIntosh”

  1. Brian Filipowich February 28, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    loox like kandinsky on valium (that’s a compliment)

    • Lesley February 28, 2012 at 11:33 am #

      Haha, Brian! Totally see that.

      • Brian Filipowich February 28, 2012 at 11:36 am #

        not to be iconoclastic: I like, but dont love kandinsky. i think i like this stuff better. Often times, though, with the “greats” i dont like them at first but eventually have an epiphany and realize how awesome they are, which may someday happen with me for kandinsky. Until then, I like Erin’s stuff better. And her website shows good variety, versatility, and development, in my view.

        • Lesley February 28, 2012 at 11:38 am #

          Don’t worry, you’re not alone on Kandinsky. 😉 I love the variety of Erin’s work, but was so taken with these new pieces that I decided to focus on them for this post. Glad you checked out her site!

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