Silent Shouting: Ali Cavanaugh

15 May

Body language speaks louder than words.  Many times, our posture and expression may belie what we’re really thinking, despite the words coming out of our mouths.  The paintings of Santa Fe artist Ali Cavanaugh shout with quiet profundity.

I’ll Smile As I Wait, 12×12

Cavanaugh’s inspiration comes much from her dependence upon visual language, due to the loss of much of her hearing to spinal meningitis at a very young age.  Utilizing simple compositions with bright palettes and extraordinary light against white backgrounds, Cavanaugh tells visual stories not only of what is meant to be communicated, but also what is kept hidden.

Ply, modern fresco, 12×12

Her figures employ their bodies to communicate– folding their arms and hands to tell the world what perhaps they dare not speak.

Place One End On My Memory That Holds An Imperfection, 30×22

Even these tools of communication are often concealed, hiding behind brightly colored socks, as if performing in an impromptu puppet show.  They are trying to convey truth, yet it still remains obscured.

An Arc, Placing Me in a Vivid Illusion, modern fresco, 16×20

Divide the Timeline Into Then.. and Now, modern fresco, 22×30

Be sure to visit Ali Cavanaugh’s website to see more of her incredible work and to find out where you can see her work in person.

Featured image is Place One End on My Memory That Holds an Imperfection.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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