Delicate Pulp: Charlene Liu

29 May

I like to think that a big part of an artist’s purpose is to present the world with a new way of seeing something familiar.  Assumptions that were once made and scenes taken for granted are turned on their ear by the artist’s unique vision.  In Eugene, Oregon artist Charlene Liu’s most recent body of work, the artist takes an often prosaic subject and gives it fresh, new life.

Comings and Goings, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, acrylic, 35×37

Upon Waking, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, acrylic, 24×32

Her use of handmade paper brings the organic nature of her creations to the forefront.  She then takes her playfulness with material a step further, using pigmented pulp to create her delicate floral palette.

Swoops and Cyclone, watercolor, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, 40.5×50.5

Like a cottage garden, the elements of each work are layered and wild, where floral still lifes were once a staid domain, they are now delicately set free.

Mad Bloom, mixed media on paper, 30×30

To see more of Charlene Liu’s work, please visit the website of her representing gallery, Taylor de Cordoba, another of my favorite gallery resources for amazing work!

Featured image is Mad Bloom, mixed media on paper, 30×30.  All images are via the Taylor de Cordoba website.

2 Responses to “Delicate Pulp: Charlene Liu”

  1. life in relation to art May 31, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    These works are amazing! They are fresh and invigorating. I’ve been interested in paper making for quite some time and find the fusion of materials in these pieces to be wonderful.

    • Lesley June 1, 2012 at 8:34 am #

      So glad you enjoyed Charlene’s work. I would love to try my hand at paper-making– I think it would be such an interesting process!


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