June Facebook Featured Artist: Geoff Mitchell

11 Jun

I first discovered the work of LA based artist Geoff Mitchell when he opened a solo show at Steve Williams’ Florida Mining Gallery last year.  Steve has impeccable taste in art, so of course, I was immediately intrigued and blown away by Geoff’s work.  In case you missed it, you can read my initial feature on Geoff’s work here.  Since that first feature, Geoff has been busy creating new work and collaborating on a book project– more about his book later today!

The Emperor’s Night Garden, mixed media on panel, 97×105

While the images with which Geoff works are representational in nature, his method of composition is free and intuitive.  Images are chosen for their sheer beauty, interest or what they may bring to the composition texturally.  Chosen found imagery doesn’t necessarily relate to the other images around it, or at least not intentionally.

Crossing the Needles, mixed media on panel, 97×105

Geoff works from the principal of the sensation of pareidolia, a “psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus, often an image or sound, being perceived as significant”.  His works are telling stories, but not of the artist’s making, but of the viewers.  He provides the stimuli, we fill in the story with our own memories and meaning.

Stage 3, mixed media on panel, 20×20

Ivory Lolly, mixed media on panel, 20×20

To see more of Geoff Mitchell’s work, please check out his ( newly designed! ) website and his cover image & album on the Artsy Forager Facebook page.  If you happen to be near Biloxi, MS, don’t miss his solo exhibition, Chaos at the Confessional at the Ohr-O’Keeffe Museum, opening June 12, on display until November 24, 2012.

Featured image is a detail of The Emperor’s Night Garden.  All images are via the artist.

2 Responses to “June Facebook Featured Artist: Geoff Mitchell”

  1. zookyshirts June 11, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    Really complex and interesting works. I like how you described that he provides the stimuli, and it’s up to the viewer to fill in a story. It deepens the pieces. Thanks!

  2. ephemeralgecko June 11, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    these are wonderful – I really like your foragings! 😀

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