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Headed Down to Cali!

30 Sep

Today, Mr. Forager & I are packing up and early Monday morning, we’ll be leaving Coeur d’Alene, ID, our home for the last ten months, for a new adventure in Joshua Tree, CA.  We’ll be hanging in SoCal until mid- January and I’m looking forward to bringing you lots of new adventures in artsiness!  We’re taking our time on the way down to do a little camping and visiting with friends in San Diego.

While I’m away, I thought you might enjoy some reruns of what have ( so far! ) been the most popular Artsy Forager posts.  There’ll be some peppering of new stuff, too– we’ll change over to a new Facebook Featured Artist and a couple of new Artist Watches for Escape Into Life!

I’ll check in occasionally, especially once we hit San Diego.  Love and Artsiness!

Friday Finds: Word Up!

28 Sep

Happy Friday, Artsies!  Please forgive my 1980s one-hit-wonder reference.  I can’t help it.  My mind just automatically defaults to songs from my teen years.  It seems like the written word is experiencing an artsy renaissance of late.  Not since the days of illuminated manuscripts have words and art become so intertwined.  Here are a few of the wordy works I’m loving this week!

Why Can’t You Just be Nice by Trey Speegle

Everything in its Place by David McLeod

FS2679 by Cecil Touchon

Thought & Pleasure by Squeak Carnwath

Sounds Like Some Hippy Shit by Dwayne Butcher

Trey Speegle | David McLeod | Cecil Touchon | Squeak Carnwath | Dwayne Butcher

Have a great weekend, Artsies!  Remember to use your words. 😉

All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

And the Art Associations Pinterest Contest Winner Is…

27 Sep

.. Shannon Whitney!!  Shannon posted her board over on artsocial and Erin & I just fell in love with how colorful and cohesive it was.

Peek at Shannon Whitney’s winning Art Associations board

You guys know I’m a huge sucker for color!  The way Shannon honed in on the colors in Laura Newman’s work and how those hues were working together sealed the deal for me.

Shannon, if you’re reading, email Erin ( artsocialonline[at] ) to claim your Boss prize!

If you weren’t picked this go ’round, don’t despair!  Art Associations will be back next month with new art & another giveaway!

Peek at Shannon Whitney’s winning Art Associations board

Lost in the Aviary: Fran Giffard

27 Sep

I’ve admitted it already, I can be a bird-brain.  Not in a ditzy way, in an I am completely fascinated by birds kind of way.  When we go out for evening walks, especially here at the lake, many times I’ll stop just to gaze at a lovely bird or try to catch a glimpse as one flits from tree to tree, trying to avoid the approaching humans.  London artist Fran Giffard takes ornithological study to an artsy degree as she draws these fine-feathered illustrations on the pages of old moleskin diaries.

U, O for Ornithology series, graphite pencil and aquarelle, 26×21 cm

Her latest series, O for Ornithology, features birds drawn within layouts similar to those of Mondrian’s paintings.  The birds “perched” within the grid seem to be peering in on us from a windowsill or perhaps peering out from a cage.

U, Old Paper Alphabet series, graphite pencil and aquarelle, 26×21 cm

F, Old Paper Alphabet series, graphite pencil and aquarelle, 26×21 cm

Giffard’s use of old diaries as substrate create an interesting juxtaposition between the beautifully rendered fowl and quickly jotted notes about every day life like grocery lists and appointments.

G, O for Ornithology series, graphite pencil and aquarelle, 26×21 cm

To see more of Fran Giffard’s work, please visit her website.  Looking forward to seeing lots of lovely new birds while we are in Joshua Tree, CA this Fall!

Featured image is P, Old Paper Alphabet series, graphite pencil and aquarelle, 26×21 cm. All images are via the artist’s website.

Guest Foraging for UGallery: Curated Persona: Your Favorite Hipster

26 Sep

Hiya Artsies!  Today I’m doing a little guest foraging over on the UGallery blog for my Curated Persona series.  I’ve put together a collection of UGallery artwork perfect for Your Favorite Hipster.  You know you have one.  Check it out here!

Diver by Daniel Lachman

Abject Extraction: Jen Garrido

26 Sep

For many artists, the act of creation isn’t just about projecting an image onto a canvas.  Artists like Jen Garrido understand that often, it’s more about pulling a hidden entity out of the mist.

From the Rock #7

Garrido’s images straddle the line between abstraction and representation, which creates a beautiful tension in her work.  With their stark and white, yet heavily textured backgrounds, the colors and lines feel like the emergence of spring after a long winter.

Buckle, oil on panel, 12×12

Birdhole A, oil on panel, 8×8

The way she molds shapes and textures together leave her paintings with a sculptural quality, bringing them to life in a way that makes them seem almost alive.

From the Rock #10, oil on panel, 12×12

To see more of Jen Garrido’s work, be sure to check out her website.

Artist found via Anthropologie.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Larissa Haily Aguado

25 Sep

I do love a fabulous collage.  And these creations from Argentinian artist Larissa Haily Aguado immediately caught my eye when I spotted them over on The Jealous Curator.  The artist seamlessly blends disparate found images to create the spectacularly simple but striking work.  Check out more of her work over on my Artist Watch at Escape Into Life today!

Pinky Esmeralda by Larissa Haily Aguado

Larissa Haily Aguado on Escape Into Life

Urban Existentialism: Nicola Lopez

25 Sep

It often feels like there is no place left in the world untouched by technology.  Even in some of the most rural areas, you’ll still find yourself within technology’s reach.  The work of Brooklyn artist Nicola Lopez explores the idea of how the saturation of technology is shaping the way we experience the world.

Water, etching, carborundrum collograph and collage, 41×41

Beyond the brilliant depictions themselves, Lopez utilizes the creative process to mirror the transformation the landscape goes through as it is built upon.  From her website– “I use the language of printmaking to address the processes of automation and mass production that have brought today’s world into existence. The specific media of intaglio, woodblock and drawing that I choose to work with, however, are still closely linked to the artist’s hand and allow the work to be about my own attempt as an individual to come up with a system of navigating this overwhelming landscape instead of simply consuming one of the pre-fabricated, mass-produced and -marketed versions, of which there are so many.”

Excerpt from the Flood I, lithograph on paper and mylar, 30×44

Half-Life 7, woodcut and photolithography on mylar collage, 36×48

“As with the evolution of the human-built landscape, there are moments in the construction of my world where the building proceeds according to plans that have already been laid and there are moments when the building precedes its own planning, expanding unpredictably and organically towards an order of a very different sort. Our world is full of the tension between just this order and disorder.. “

Boneyard, woodcut, photolithograph, silkscreen on mylar collage, 22×22.5

To see more of Nicola Lopez’s work, please visit her website.  If you happen to be in Florida, be sure to stop by J.Johnson Gallery in Jacksonville Beach to see Lopez’s show, Multiplicity, which can be seen at J.Johnson until November 2nd.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Alien Nation: Fidencio Martinez

24 Sep

Living the way we do, Mr. Forager and I are no strangers to feeling like outsiders in a new place.  We try to make a new town home every three months.    I can only imagine how difficult it must be to move to a completely new country, where perhaps you don’t even speak the language or where you noticeably stand out due to the color of your skin.  The work of Mexican-born Memphis artist Fidencio Martinez deals with such feelings of social alienation, assimilation and isolation.

Clandestino, acrylic paint and newspaper, 12×12

Although Martinez’s figures tend to be Latino or indigenous, we’ve all likely experienced some level of isolation.  Yet do we really have any idea what it might be like to be live in a place fraught with danger, one you flee in order to be able to live your life free of fear?

A Coup Beneath Meek Flores, mixed media, 12×12

Nos Caimos Como Balas, mixed media, 12×12

What if, when all you wanted was to be able to live a quiet, happy life in your new world, you were constantly met with hate and prejudice?  Would you be able to accept such treatment with a sanguine attitude?

La Cosecha de Su Vida, mixed media, 24×36

Can you relate to Martinez’s work?  When do you feel like an outsider?  You can see more of Fidencio’s work on his website and be sure to check out his Etsy shop for his available work for sale!

Artist found via Clair Hartmann.  Featured image is Teal Fields in Skin Seas, mixed media, 12×12.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Friday Finds: Fabrications

21 Sep

I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to sewing.  Pretty sure I got a “C” on my big sewing project in junior high Home Ec ( a C was pretty unheard of for this nerd ) and my attempts as an adult haven’t been much better.  But I have a great love for textiles of all colors and textures.  Not only do I completely love contemporary artists who work in fabric, but I am completely envious of their abilities.  You know what they say, those who can, do.. those who can’t, well share with others!  Check out these beautiful examples of textile art!

Structures #72 by Lisa Call

Cleveland Foreclosure Quilt by Kathryn Clark

Ada Quilt by Meg Callahan

Prairie/Wall I by Sue Benner

Lisa Call | Kathryn Clark | Meg Callahan | Sue Benner

Be sure to check out these artists’ websites, linked above for more of their amazing work.  Happy weekend!

All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

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