Delicate Punk: Susan Carter Hall

18 Sep

I’m going to kind of tell my age with this post.. I’m a child of the 80s.  There, my secret is out.  I remember all too well the punk movement– the mixing of Victorian-inspired lace with torn fishnets and combat boots.  The latest work of Los Angeles artist Susan Carter Hall reminds me of those bad-a$$ chicks this good girl could never be, like totally.

Circus, oil on canvas, 32×36

Her soft palette and supple forms are punctuated with areas of darkness, lending a little hard-edge to what otherwise might feel overtly feminine.

Earth No. 1, oil on canvas, 24×24

Bridge, oil on gessoed paper, 25×40

Those punches of black and the slash-dash expression of color make Hall’s work bodaciously rad. Ok, enough of the bad 80s lingo.  Her work just rocks.  Period.

Earth No. 2, oil on canvas

To see more of Susan Carter Hall’s work, please check out her website and to keep up with her latest work & shows, be sure to like her Facebook page.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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