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Artsy on Escape Into Life: Casey Matthews

31 Jan

I absolutely love watching the evolution of an artist’s work.  And the latest round of paintings from abstract painter, Casey Matthews blew me away.  They are unmistakably hers, but she continues to grow in her use of color, elegance of form and sophistication.  So it thrills me to feature her today on Escape Into Life!

Thank Goodness You Said It First, mixed media on canvas

Casey Matthews on Escape Into Life

Visceral Sophistication: Casey Matthews

7 Jul

Casey Matthews lives a double life.  Splitting her time between her home on Amelia Island, FL and a Chelsea apartment in New York City, in many ways, the Texas native is living an artist’s dream.  The best of both worlds, surrounded by natural beauty and small town Florida charm on one hand and the energy, excitement and grit of Manhattan life on the other.  She puts those hands together to create a body of work that is at once cosmopolitan and organic.

While Goldfish Sleep, mixed media on canvas, 48×60

Translucent washes of color recall water washing over sand or the pearl-like finish of the inside of a seashell.  Amoebic shapes cluster together like bubbles, a few occasionally breaking from the pack and seeming to drift across and down the surface of the canvas.

In The Thick Of It, mixed media on canvas, 36x48

Sleep Deprived and the Dog Can't Wait, mixed media on canvas, 48x60

But look closely at those clusters of shapes and color– it is in these little pockets that Casey lets the urban darkness come through..

Sleep Deprived And The Dog Can't Wait ( detail )

Casey is nothing if not a self-aware artist, working through the dynamics of her “dual citizenship” in the two pieces City Mouse, Country Mouse ( below ).

City Mouse, mixed media on canvas, 48x72

Country Mouse, mixed media on canvas, 48x72

This is intuitive work, the colors, shapes and forms emerging from the artist’s surroundings, emotions and experiences..

Prolapse, mixed media on canvas. 24x30

…with a touch of sardonic wit thrown in for good measure.  Are those grey tones reflective of the bleached Florida sand or is it the haze of NYC steel and concrete?  Only Casey knows for sure.

Construction Worker Boyfriend, mixed media on canvas, 36x48

Check out more of Casey Matthews’ work on her website and blog.  If you’re in the North Florida area, stop by Blue Door Artists in downtown Fernandina Beach for 2nd Saturday Artrageous Artwalk this Saturday, July 9th, Casey is their featured artist for July.

Casey Matthews

18 Mar

Why the Artsy love–

Maybe what I love most about Casey’s work is how spontaneous and unstructured it seems.  Her process of layering and leaving in drips of the paint create happy little “accidents” that are some of my favorite details.  There is so much going on in each of Casey’s pieces.. look closely and you’ll see a whole other world happening before your eyes. 


Dig up more about Casey’s work here–

Forager Favorites–

( click on an image to enlarge it, click it again to scroll through the gallery )

Friday Faves: Different Kind of Hanging O’ The Greens

16 Mar

Sometime in my late 20s I went through a slight obsession with the Irish part of my heritage & Irish culture in general.  I think it stemmed mainly from too many Maeve Binchy books and multiple PBS viewings of Riverdance.  Add to that the fact that my husband thinks Guinness is the greatest thing since, well, Guinness, and it isn’t any surprise that we love St. Patrick’s Day.  So to get you in the mood for a little Erin Go Bragh, how about some artwork to remind us of the Emerald Isle?

Runaway Trees by Christina Baker, acrylic on canvas, 48x48

Ives Pond I by Susan Morosky, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

Cold Feet by Casey Matthews, mixed media, 24x24

Covenant Commitment by Steve Williams, mixed media on canvas, 84x84

Christina Baker | Susan Morosky | Casey Matthews | Steve Williams 

Make sure you check out these artist’s websites ( linked above ) to see more of their work.  Happy St. Patrick’s weekend!

Featured image is Empty Bathtub, Full Power Meter by Steve Williams, mixed media, 84×84.  All images are via the artist’s websites, linked above.


Artsy Around the Web: Guest Post on isavirtue Today!

10 Mar

Artsies, be sure to check out my guest post over on Kaitlyn’s blog, isavirtue today!  I’m featuring one of my all time favorite artists, Casey Matthews.  I never get tired of gushing over Casey’s work!

Rekindle, mixed media on canvas, 30x40

Artsy Forager guest feature on isavirtue


Friday Forager Faves: Birthday Wish List

15 Apr

Today is my birthday, ya’ll.   I will be happily spending the day with the one who birthed me, touring the Downtown Jacksonville studio of Christina Foard and researching downtown galleries for an article I’m writing for EU Magazine ( my first published print article! ).   In the spirit of Steve Martin’s SNL “Christmas Wish” sketch, I’m indulging in my own Birthday Wish list.

These are works of art that, “If I could have but one birthday wish this birthday”… to own any one of these would be my birthday wish.  These are the pieces I covet, the pieces that I know I would love forever and ever and give them a kind and loving home. 

Sleep Deprived and the Dog Can Wait by Casey Matthews

The title alone makes me smile.  I love how the palette is both warm and cool AND neutral all at the same time.  And I have a thing for circles.  I’ve seen this in person and it is stunning.

Lucy in the Sky by Maribel Angel

I love the Beatles.  I love the idea of a flying bunny chasing carrots.  I love Maribel’s work.  I would never tire of seeing this.

Speak No Evil by Pam Moxley

This reminds me of what it was like to be a kid, without a care in the world.  Summer days, carefree ways.  Before life was complicated.

Hotel, Calgary by Theresa Maxwell

This sweet little painting makes me think of honeymooning.. living out of a suitcase.. letting someone else make the bed.. bliss!

Lifetime Partners by Christina Foard 

I fell in love with this the first time I saw it on Christina’s Facebook page.  It reminds me of the devotion and complete commitment it takes to make a life with someone, to be a united front through thick and thin, to be sure of each other no matter what may lie ahead.  Maybe I’m just a starry-eyed newlywed.

I could go on and on adding more and more to this list– believe me, there are MANY more!  But I was raised to not be greedy, so I’m limiting myself to these five.  Even if I don’t have the real thing, they will always be here for me to gaze upon lovingly.  Happy birthday to me!

Artist Diggs: Daily Inspirations

11 Apr

I am so excited to bring you our very first Artsy Forager studio tour, featuring ( drumroll, please! ), Amelia Island artist Theresa Daily!  *applause*

Theresa and I struck up a friendship through the glory of Facebook long before we’d ever met in person.   This self-taught artist struck me as incredibly funny, generous and kind-hearted, not to mention talented.  Once I met Theresa in person last year, there was no doubt that my initial impression was true.

The artist in her studio

Though a Kentucky native, Theresa is definitely an “island girl” at heart.  Her work lovingly depicts the landscapes and life surrounding her on Amelia Island. 

You can usually find Theresa painting at Blue Door Artists on Centre Street in Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL– look for the blue door and crazy stairs!  She shares her sun-filled second floor studio with fellow artist, Carol Sprovtsoff.  You may even catch a glimpse of Theresa’s grandchildren, two adorable artists-in-training!

Potato-chip bag evidence, kids are about!

A peek inside her watercolor stash

Working in a collective studio like Blue Door allows the artists to share ideas and inspiration, as well as help each other out when they get “stuck”.  The idea of an artist working away in a lonely studio may be romantic, but not be nearly as much fun.  These artists feed of each other’s creative energy, which results in growth and more dynamic work.  For instance, when Theresa was struggling with her latest piece ( pictured below, behind the easel ), fellow Blue Door artist, Casey Matthews was there to encourage, offer suggestions and be a source of support. 

Theresa’s work has gone from mostly representational to more intuitive , abstracted landscapes.  But a consistent style and palette keeps the work coherent and instantly recognizable as hers.

The studio’s gallery space

Art for sale!!

Thank you for joining me on a little visit to the creative space of this local artist.  Stop by Blue Door anytime Monday- Saturday, 11ish to 5ish ( island hours! ) and you may be lucky enough to see Theresa Daily in action and enjoy a chat.

She may even share her potato chips.

Check out  Theresa’s website to see more of her work and be sure to fan Theresa and Blue Door Artists on Facebook.

Friday Forager Faves

25 Mar

 A few of my favorite things this week.. in honor of the beginning of spring, a little light, some flowers and birdsong.

1. Dogwood Branch by Pamela Viola

2. Get Lucky by Christina Baker

3.  Fading Boundaries by Maribel Angel

4.  Everyone Loves a Parade by Casey Matthews

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