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Artsy on Escape Into Life: Sarah Johanna Eick

13 Nov

While most of the time I’m drawn to saturated “happy” color, occasionally my soul calls out for a little moody darkness.  So when I laid my eyes upon the work of photographer Sarah Johanna Eick at The Red Arrow Gallery here in Joshua Tree, the quiet power in the work took hold of me and I just had to feature her in my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today ( see the EIL post here ).

From The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing series by Sarah Johanna Eick

Sarah Johanna Eick on Escape Into Life

PS- stay tuned for another Red Arrow artist later this week!

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Zuzka Vaclavik

6 Nov

Last weekend, after our day spent art touring, Mr. Forager asked me to explain how to draw.  What a loaded question!  I hoped what got across to him the most was that it isn’t always how proficiently you do something, but the way in which you do it that makes you unique as an artist.  While the work of Zuzka Vaclavik may appear to be elaborate doodles, the lines, patterns, and forms show an artist’s eye at work.  Check out more of her work on my Artist Watch on Escape Info Life today! ( See it here and linked again below ).

And There are Vibrations by Zuzka Vaclavik

Zuzka Vaclavik on Escape Into Life

Artist found via Emily Amy Gallery.

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Mathilde Aubier

30 Oct

I’m a closet Francophile.  I loved my two years of high school French and think everything sounds better in a French accent.  I could watch Amelie every day.  The collages of French artist and illustrator Mathilde Aubier are so sophisticated and cheeky and French, I couldn’t resist featuring her in my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today.  Voir l’art ici!

Sous La Neige by Mathilde Aubier

Mathilde Aubier on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Jen Gotch

23 Oct

I recently saw a clip of Jim Gaffigan in which he does a riff on our modern propensity to take photos of everything and then post them on all of our various social media outlets.  I’ll admit, I’m guilty of taking a photo of my dinner and posting it on Facebook for all of my friends to see.  The Defaced series by Los Angeles photographer Jen Gotch, ( which I’m featuring in my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today– see it here! ) reminds us that even before Instagram, we were still a society obsessed with capturing memories and sharing them.  Check out her work on EIL today AND if you love her style, Jen has teamed up with HGTV host and stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson on a lovely little round-up of Jen’s work on Open Sky.  Check that out here!

Someone Threw This Out by Jen Gotch

Jen Gotch on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Lisa Beerntsen

16 Oct

The work of California artist Lisa Beerntsen seems at once cosmic and microscopic.. organic forms float as if suspended in viscous fluid.  Check out more of Beerntsen’s work my Artist Watch feature today over on Escape Into Life!

Wonderment by Lisa Beerntsen

Lisa Beerntsen on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Nicomi Nix Turner

9 Oct

It takes a highly skilled artist to simply draw.  Using nothing but a graphite pencil and paper, Oregon bred artist Nicomi Nix Turner creates stunningly detailed compositions utilizing just those humble tools and of course, a healthy does of imagination.  See her work in my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today! ( link below )

Hunger’s Demand by Nicomi Nix Turner

Nicomi Nix Turner on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Gavin Lavelle

2 Oct

While I adore abstract expressionist work full of large, sweeping strokes, I do occasionally want to gaze upon work that you really need to consume.  Work so full of rich layers and details that makes you want to study it, taking in every symbol and nuance.  So of course, when  Irish artist Gavin Lavelle emailed me his work, it felt so rich, so Bosch-like, I couldn’t wait to share it.  Lavelle is featured in my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today, so head on over there and gaze awhile.  You’ll be mesmerized!

Eden 85 by Gavin Lavelle

Gavin Lavelle on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Larissa Haily Aguado

25 Sep

I do love a fabulous collage.  And these creations from Argentinian artist Larissa Haily Aguado immediately caught my eye when I spotted them over on The Jealous Curator.  The artist seamlessly blends disparate found images to create the spectacularly simple but striking work.  Check out more of her work over on my Artist Watch at Escape Into Life today!

Pinky Esmeralda by Larissa Haily Aguado

Larissa Haily Aguado on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Joe Sinness

18 Sep

There is something so intriguing about an artist who chooses to focus on drawings on paper.  It seems like such an introspective type of expression.  Today in my Artist Watch on Escape Into Life, I’m featuring artist Joe Sinness, whose quiet works scream for your careful attention..

Shinola, colored pencil on paper, 28×22

Joe Sinness on Escape Into Life

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Kristine Moran

11 Sep

Lush color and luminosity?  What could be better!  Head over to Escape Into Life to check out this week’s Artist Watch on New York artist Kristine Moran.

Slow Wave 2 by Kristine Moran, oil on canvas, 54×60

Kristine Moran on Escape Into Life

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