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This Artsy Life: Art Along The Rogue

3 Oct

I love and appreciate any community that embraces its artsiness.  Even more, I adore a place that reaches out to bring art into the lives of children who may not otherwise experience it.  This weekend, our little temporary hometown of Grants Pass, OR had it’s annual Art Along The Rogue festival, featuring an entire street filled with chalk-artists and lots of opportunities for the kiddies to get their hands all colorful and chalky!

Art Along The Rogue 2011, Grants Pass, OR

Forty local and regional artists came together to create temporary 8’x8′ chalk-on-pavement masterpieces and visitors could pay $5 for chalk and a 2’x2′ square of their very own.  There were also free art activities for kids at the Grants Pass Museum of Art.  It brought a huge smile to my face to walk by and see kids painting and drawing!

Art Along The Rogue 2011, Grants Pass, OR

Art Along The Rogue 2011, Grants Pass, OR

Internationally known street artist Tracy Lee Stum’s 16’x50′ scenic was the featured work of the festival.

Art Along The Rogue 2011, Grants Pass, OR

Folks were lined up for a peek at this painting, that came to life in 3-D when viewed through a special glass window.  Lots of artsy goodness in Grants Pass this weekend, along with a music festival and Beer Walk.  But someone’s wife forgot about the Beer Walk until it was too late to buy tickets.  Not mentioning any names.

How about you, Artsies?  Anyone attend any shows or festivals this weekend?

Artist Diggs: Daily Inspirations

11 Apr

I am so excited to bring you our very first Artsy Forager studio tour, featuring ( drumroll, please! ), Amelia Island artist Theresa Daily!  *applause*

Theresa and I struck up a friendship through the glory of Facebook long before we’d ever met in person.   This self-taught artist struck me as incredibly funny, generous and kind-hearted, not to mention talented.  Once I met Theresa in person last year, there was no doubt that my initial impression was true.

The artist in her studio

Though a Kentucky native, Theresa is definitely an “island girl” at heart.  Her work lovingly depicts the landscapes and life surrounding her on Amelia Island. 

You can usually find Theresa painting at Blue Door Artists on Centre Street in Downtown Fernandina Beach, FL– look for the blue door and crazy stairs!  She shares her sun-filled second floor studio with fellow artist, Carol Sprovtsoff.  You may even catch a glimpse of Theresa’s grandchildren, two adorable artists-in-training!

Potato-chip bag evidence, kids are about!

A peek inside her watercolor stash

Working in a collective studio like Blue Door allows the artists to share ideas and inspiration, as well as help each other out when they get “stuck”.  The idea of an artist working away in a lonely studio may be romantic, but not be nearly as much fun.  These artists feed of each other’s creative energy, which results in growth and more dynamic work.  For instance, when Theresa was struggling with her latest piece ( pictured below, behind the easel ), fellow Blue Door artist, Casey Matthews was there to encourage, offer suggestions and be a source of support. 

Theresa’s work has gone from mostly representational to more intuitive , abstracted landscapes.  But a consistent style and palette keeps the work coherent and instantly recognizable as hers.

The studio’s gallery space

Art for sale!!

Thank you for joining me on a little visit to the creative space of this local artist.  Stop by Blue Door anytime Monday- Saturday, 11ish to 5ish ( island hours! ) and you may be lucky enough to see Theresa Daily in action and enjoy a chat.

She may even share her potato chips.

Check out  Theresa’s website to see more of her work and be sure to fan Theresa and Blue Door Artists on Facebook.

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