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Artsy Dwelling: A Photoshopped Home

12 Jul

For many folks, the only photographs on display at home are family portraits and vacation snaps.  This afternoon, I’d like to get your creative inspiration going with some beautiful examples of the way art photography can have an amazing impact on your home’s artsiness!

Using photography can give an edge to an ultra-feminine space–

Home of Philip Leeming & Leong Ong


Photograph of Beirut by Elger Esser


You can make a big impact in a small space like a dining room with an oversized photograph–

Interior design by Design Loft Interiors; photo mural by Alex Turco


Interior Maison Magazine, Oct/Nov 2010


Designer: Thom Felicia; Featured photograph: Roberto Dutesco

To add graphic texture to a neutral space, monochromatic photography does the trick–

Interior design by Julia Starr Sanford; Art photography by Thomas Hager

via the artist

**be sure to check the Artsy Forager Facebook album, Artsy Dwelling, for more of Tom’s residential installations!

Interior design and styling by Lisa McGraw; art photography by Daniele Albright


How about personalizing your space by commissioning an art photographer to document your little ones?

Interior photography Llama’s Valley Magazine


Interior photography by Bieke Claessens


Or even better, enlarge a favorite photo of them and fill an entire wall!

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn


How are you living with photography, Artsies?

Image sources linked below each photo.

The Artsy Home: Modern Whimsy

25 Mar

Have you ever fallen in love with a wonderfully strange work of art but had no idea how to design a room around it?  Interior designer Fawn Galli hits the mark with her contemporary fairy tale room designed around a painting by Anne Siems.

Designed by Fawn Galli, artwork by Anne Siems

See more from this fantastic fantasy meets contemporary NYC home, visit House of Turquoise or House Beautiful.  And when you’re finished drooling, visit designer Fawn Galli’s website for more inspiration!

The Artsy Home: Does Jill Ricci Live Here?

21 Mar

Doesn’t this room bear a striking resemblance to Jill Ricci’s work?  It’s as if her mixed media has jumped off the canvas to cover every surface.  And I love it!

Photo by Emily Gilbert, The Brooklyn Home Co featured in the Fall 2010 issue of The New York Observer HOME

Miss RI by Jill Ricci, mixed media on canvas, 30×48

The Artsy Home: Entre Vous

29 Feb

OK, who is willing to confess to watching the Red Carpet shows for the Oscars on Sunday?  Some of those celebs just know how to make an entrance! ( Um.. Angeline Jolie’s leg, anyone?! ) Using eye-catching artwork in your home’s entry can create a welcoming impact, giving guests an instant idea of your style.

So let’s see.. are you..

Earthy Mod?

via House Beautiful, designer Thom Filicia

Modern Femme?

via Coastal Living ( photo by Annie Schlechter )

Contemporary Glam?

Interior by Suzanne Kasler

Spirited Minimalist?

via Elle Decor, designed by Richard Found, photographed by Simon Upton

Elegantly Graphic?

via, design by Jennifer Worts Design

Provocative Funk?

via, designed by Jamie Bush & Co.

Is your entrance making a true “you” statement?

Featured image via Elle Decor, designed by Rafael de Cardenas, photographed by William Waldron.  All image sources can be found by clicking on each image.

The Artsy Home: Go BIG or Go Home

18 Jan

Good things come in small packages.  But sometimes, really awesome things come in large packages!  Although there is definitely a trend in the interior design world toward showcasing collections of small artwork, sometimes, you just gotta go big to make a statement.

Photography by Miles Redd

Donna Karan's Manhattan Apartment, photographed by Richard Powers

Image via Apartment Therapy, interior design by Fran Keenan, artwork by Amy Pleasant


There have been several large pieces I’ve coveted over the years.. one day!  Any larger than life artwork you’re loving right now?

PS– Artists– Do you have images of your work in a client’s home you’d like featured in The Artsy Home on Artsy Forager?  Shoot me an email with the jpeg or a link to the image online!  Merci beaucoup!

Featured image is via Marcus Design Inc.

The Artsy Home: Decking Halls and Such

14 Dec

I LOVE this time of year.  It’s a few weeks out of our lives that we take the time to beautify our surroundings, making sure everything sparkles with a holiday glow.  We all become artists, creating vignettes of tinsel and holly,  making our homes magical for our loved ones, our children, ourselves.  A wonderful trend that I’m seeing is holiday decorating that is inspired by what we love to surround ourselves with every day. ( Oh, there’s still room for those homemade childhood ornaments! )

I thought it would be fun to pair some beautifully decorated Christmas trees with a work of art.  I’m no stranger to art-inspired tree decorating, take a look at these trees I decorated for the gallery where I was working a few years ago.  Just goes to show, any piece of art can inspire your holiday decor.  So let’s deck our Artsy halls!

the art:

The Keeper of Dreams by Philippe Loubat, oil on canvas, 23.62x23.62

the tree:


the art:

Frozen Blueberries by Christina Baker, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

the tree:

via via

the art:

Sentinel by Steven DaLuz, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

the tree:

via House and Home

the art:

Growth by Haley Farthing, pastel and ink on wood, 48x24

the tree:

via Pinterest via

the art:

Oceanic 29 by Thomas Hager

the tree:


the art:

Tower by Justin Richel, gouache on paper, 17x19.5

the tree:


Hope you’re inspired to think about your art collection when decorating for the holidays.  If it’s too late for this year, there’s always 2012.. it will be here before we know it!

Featured image is via SimplifiedBee.  All art images are via the artists’ websites.

The Artsy Home: Walls O’ Art

7 Dec

So you have amassed a little art collection for yourself, huh?  Well done, you!  But maybe you’re stuck on how to display your finds..  Creating “art walls” in your space will allow you to stylishly show off your favorites.

via Pinterest via Raines Design via

One of my favorite things about art walls also known as hanging art “salon style” is how flexible the arrangement is.  It’s a gathering of artwork you love, so there are no set rules.  As in the graphic arrangement above, you can group artwork with like elements.  Above, the simple, black graphics are the unifying factor.

Or, use frames in all the same color to unify your favorites.  All white or black frames ( or gold, silver, wood, whatever! ) will create an instantly well-designed, intentional feel to your collection.

via From The Right Bank

via Pinterest via

For a more traditional or sleek look, you can go stream-lined and symmetrical.  Hang works from the same series in a grid format for a clean, contemporary arrangement.

via Timothy Whealon Interiors

Or, just go loosey-goosey and have fun!  Start with the largest piece, either in actual size or visual weight and work out from there.  Lay your artwork on the floor and play with the configuration until it feels right.

via Pinterest via The Cottage Nest via House to Your Home via Studiodalu

via Pinterest via

Fill the wall as much..

via Pinterest

.. or as little as you like!

via Pinterest via via House Beautiful

The actual hanging process may seem daunting, but this foolproof method will help you along.  If you need a little assistance coming up with a design, check out these templates for a some inspiration!

Happy hanging!

Featured image via The Glitter Guide.

The Artsy Home: Gather ‘Round the Table

23 Nov

There will be lots of gathering of friends and family around our dining tables this Thursday.  Grandma’s china comes out of storage, the crystal sparkles and the silver shines.  For some dining rooms, this is the most action they see all year!  We eat in the kitchen, over the sink or on the couch in front of the tv.  But this gathering place is not a room to neglect!  It’s a place, to quote Simon dePury, “Be bold, be amazing!” ( Are you watching Work of Art?! )

The dining room, even if not a formal, separate space is the spot to make a big statement.  So in this edition of The Artsy Home, I’ve gathered up some images of inspiring spots, a feast for the eyes!

Want to have fun dinner parties?  Make sure the art in the room reflects your cheeky style!


Via Apartment Therapy

Via via Coastal Living

Or maybe you want to throw ultra-cool and hiply intellectual soirees?  Add some graphic punch with your artwork.


Via Apartment Therapy

Or maybe you like to keep things fresh and elegant?  Let oversized artwork shine, so if guests need a break from conversation, give them oversized artwork to get lost in.

Via Traditional Home

Via Timothy Whelan

Want to be really bold?  Paint the walls a deep, rich color and let simple, graphic artwork be the star of the show!

Via Elements of Style blog via Elle Decor

Via Rue Magazine

Via Lonny Magazine blog

Wouldn’t even a frozen pizza seem like a gourmet meal in an artsy environment?  Pass the parmesean!

The Artsy Home: Show-ing Off

25 Oct

As promised, here’s our 2nd Christina Baker feature of the day.  The fabulous Mrs. Baker has four (!) pieces of artwork featured in the Nashville Southern Living Showcase Home.  So I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at her work in this beautifully designed space.

Commissioned work for master bedroom, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, acrylic on canvas, 48x48

Master bedroom, Lazy Day, acrylic on canvas, 30x40

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board, Southern Living Showcase Home

New Feature! The Artsy Home

11 Oct

I am constantly inspired by how people live with art in their own homes.  I love the way folks are thinking outside the box in terms of the art they collect, where and how they display it.  I’m hoping these short little visual features will help inspire you!

We spend so much time in the kitchen these days– let’s face it, this room is the hub of any home.  It is where people inevitably gather during any party!  So why not display some of your favorite art in the spot where you spend so much time?  The only guideline?  Keep valuable original art away from cooking & prep areas to prevent damage.  Otherwise, feel free to think outside the icebox!

How about you, Artsies?  Do you have art in your kitchen?  Or have images of how you live with art in your home that you’d like to share?  We would love to see!  Feel free to email digital images to and we might just feature your home on the blog!

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