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Art Association Pinterest Contest!

19 Sep

The fabulous Erin Cassidy of art social and I want to play a little game with you!  OK, so you’re Charlie Brown and we’re Lucy.. the art doctors are in.. Now look at this piece, Rorshach by Laura Newman.. what do you see?

Rorshach by Laura Newman

An open window looking out onto a sunset?  Two heads?  Or are you like me and just get distracted by the luscious rainbow of colors?

But now for the real fun, the CONTEST!  Here’s how our little artsy mad scientist experiment will work–

Step 1|  We give you a piece of artwork, this month’s work is Laura Newman’s Rorschach ( above )

Step 2 | You create a Pinterest board titled Art Association, like mine here, where you pin any and all images you associate you have with the featured artwork ( like word associations, only visual )– here’s a little sneak peek at my board to get your creative juices flowin’

Artsy Forager’s Art Associations board

Step 3 | Leave a link to your Art Association pinboard in the Comments section of this post

Step 4 | Follow both art social and Artsy Forager on Pinterest ( if you already are, you’re ahead of the game and doubly awesome )

Here’s what you can win–

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one month of free BOSS ad space on artsocial. This top spot gets you shout outs on Twitter, Facebook, and a spotlight post all about you, Boss. At 200×400 pixels, you’re blog, shop, or biz will get some awesome exposure by association. 😉

The pinner with the best art associations ( as judged by me and Erin ) will be chosen on Wednesday, September 26th at 5pm (mountain standard time).  I know that ya’ll are a creative bunch, let’s see what ya got!

Ready..   set..   associate!!

Would you like your artwork to be featured as an Art Association subject?  Shoot Erin an email at artsocialonline@gmail.com for more info.

Laura Newman image via 20×200.

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