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[ Insert Art Here ]

27 Sep

Artwork has the power to facilitate change.  Most importantly, in our minds, spirits and hearts.  But today, we’re going stay in the more shallow end of the pool.  🙂  Let’s have some art + design fun and  take a look at a beautifully designed room and see how just changing up the artwork can transform the way the room feels.

For our first go ’round, we’ll start with a fairly classic, neutral room:

Look #1:  In keeping with the classic, slightly beachy style of the room, we’ll add an oceanscape by Tennessee artist Christina Baker.

The shift from mirror to artwork, in this case, is subtle, but what an impact!  Makes for a much more interesting room, yes?  Even the pup seems more pleased!

Look #2:  Though the space is gorgeous, it could use a well-placed pop of color!  So let’s see what a Michelle Armas abstract does for it..

The lovely colors and lively brushstrokes really bring the space into a shinier, happier territory, don’t they?

Look #3:  The best way to help elevate a traditional room into something with a bit more personality?  A graphic and quirky piece by Sarah Ashley Longshore from her Audrey Hepburn series.

This look works because what’s more classic than Audrey Hepburn?  That’s right, nothing.  So her iconic image keeps with the traditional vibe, but the bright colors and pop-style of the painting add a punch of the unexpected.

Hope you enjoyed our little peek at how varying styles of art can change a room’s personality!  What’s your home’s art-style?  Do you change things up or keep your favorites up ’round the clock?

Be on the lookout for future installments of this new Artsy Forager feature, [ Insert Art Here ]!

Featured room image via House of Turquoise, architect James Cullion and interior designer Eileen Marcuvitz, photographed by Robert Benson.

Under(the)cover(s) Artist: Clare Elsaesser

12 Jul

There are certain artists whose work is so striking that once you’ve seen it, it will be immediately recognizable when you happen upon it again.  Clare Elsaesser is just such an artist.  I first saw her work a few years ago while reading the blog of interior designer Erika Powell, principal at Urban Grace Interiors.  Not only does Erika have great taste in furnishings and shoes ( her boot collection is amazing! ), she also has a great eye for artwork, which she incorporates beautifully into her designs.

Bedroom project in progress, Urban Grace Interiors

I then happened upon Clare’s work on the Papernstitch handmade exhibition site, started following her blog and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to feature her on Artsy Forager, but as I’m usually fashionably late anyhow, here we go!


Clare works in acrylics, painting on either wood panels or heavy watercolor paper for her “sewn” work.  Many of the pieces in her Etsy shop are originals or prints with a single-line, hand-stitched “frame” around the perimeter.  The stitching adds an intriguing textural element to the work and ties in with the fabrics so often featured.


 These little paintings are at once charming and innocently provocative.  The simplicity of line and form, coupled with the capturing of a private moment are reminiscent of the drypoints and aquatints of Mary Cassatt


The white sheets and pillows glow against the dark neutral backgrounds, like the moon glowing in the night sky.  Or the translucent light in the blue sky of day.


Whether night or day, Clare’s work makes me long to lounge in a tangle of sheets and pillows, reading a good book or daydreaming myself into a glorious nap.  Grab a pillow and spend some time peeking around Clare Elsaesser’s Etsy shop, Tastes Orangey or stop by her blog to say hi and see her latest art, fashion and music recommendations. 

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