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Friday Faves: A Walk in the Woods

25 May

I’ve made no secret here of how enamored I am by trees.  There is just something so inherently beautiful within the elements of a tree, it isn’t any wonder than artists whose work utilizes wood possess such natural grace and elegance.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Nestler series by Grant Ward, maple burl, spun aluminum
& padauk, 19×8

Cleave series by Joe Segal, 9×18

Cities and Signs by Evan Blackwell, wood, 26x22x2

A Lightness in Being, Exercises in Zen #2 by Christian Burchard, madrone burl, 12x12x26

Grant Ward  | Joe Segal | Evan BlackwellChristian Burchard 

How about you, Artsies?  Any wood-obsessed artists I should know about?  Tell me in the comments below!

Featured image is Untitled ( Birds on a Wire ) by Evan Blackwell, mixed media, 8×11.75×2.75.  All images are via the artist’s websites, linked above.

Into The Woods

10 Nov

To go along with yesterday’s post featuring Haley Farthing, today’s post presents partner in Out of the Woods show currently up at Davis & Cline in Ashland, sculptor Christian Burchard.  The work of these two artists compliment each other so well and this show was so beautifully and thoughtfully arranged, to showcase the artists both together and individually, that I thought they both were deserving of their own time in the spotlight on Artsy Forager.

The Gate Keeper, bleached madrone burl, 16x11x4

Burchard works almost exclusively with the wood of Pacific madrone trees.  George and I had never seen these trees until hiking here in the Northwest this spring.  Their orangey-red bark peels away in paper thin curls to reveal satiny smooth ivory colored wood underneath.  We’d never seen anything like it.   Burchard uses the burls that grow within the roots of the trees for his sculptures ( by the way, he utilizes the rejects from wood that has already been harvested for the veneer market ).

Stepping Stones, bleached madrone burl, 24x20x4

Like Haley Farthing, Burchard also uses a simple, neutral color palette in order to draw the viewers attention to the patterns and textures in the surface.  He is letting the beauty of the madrone wood shine through, every knot, ring and crack is visible and the shapes carved to bring those characteristics to full advantage.

Dervish, bleached madrone burl, 19x19x8

Circle #1, bleached madrone burl, 8x8x3

This sculptor has so much more to see than the few pieces I’ve showcased here– be sure to check out his website.  You’ll be amazed at the loveliness to be found there.

Featured image is Rocks & Trees #2, madrone burl, flat & hollow forms, 15x17x7.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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