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Friday Finds: Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Art

17 Aug

Ya’ll, I am a long time fan of The King.  Not a crazy-I-have-an-Elvis-room-in-my-house-and-make-a-yearly-pilgrimage-to-Graceland fan, but I will sing along with him every time he comes up on the iPod.  Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of Elvis’s death and I’ve been seeing a lot of artists drawing inspiration from Mr. Presley lately, so thought I’d round up a few of my faves for you!

Sticker Elvis by Jim Blanchard

( Elvis ) Beyond the Bend by Deborah Scott

The Dr. Martin Luther King of Rock & Roll by Troy Gua

Thank You, Thank You Very Much by Sarah Ashley Longshore

Jim BlanchardDeborah Scott | Troy Gua Sarah Ashley Longshore 

Be sure and check out all these artists’ websites, linked above.  If you happen to be in the Seattle area, don’t miss Elvistravaganza!a curated show featuring works inspired by The King during Bumbershoot, Sept 1st-3rd.  All the cool kids will be showing, including Deborah Scott, Jim Blanchard and more!

All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

Artist Takeover, Day 1: Deborah Scott

30 Jul

I warned you, Artsies!  The Artists are Taking Over Artsy Forager this week!  While Mr. Forager & I are finding inspiration in Glacier & Yellowstone, a few of the artists featured on the blog are turning the tables on moi, asking all sorts of interesting questions about blogging, the art world and little ol’ me.

First up is Seattle artist Deborah Scott, who knocked me out with her work when she emailed me last year asking if I might like to feature her on the blog.  I was blown away by Deborah’s work and I’m not the only one.  Recently Eric Fischl ( yes THAT Eric Fischl ) recently chose two of Deborah’s paintings for his America: Now & Here national project!  Hope you enjoy this conversation between the artist and the Artsy Forager.

Without Their Permission ( File 1: Baby Bear ), oil and mixed media on canvas, 24×40

Deborah Scott | What is the most exciting part about being an arts enabler and making connections for art, artists, and art appreciators?
Artsy Forager |  So many things excite me about what I’m doing at Artsy Forager!  But THE most important and exciting for me is when I hear that it was through Artsy Forager that an artist has connected with a new gallery, a new collector, a new opportunity to promote and/or sell their work.  As noble as the art world may seem, artists have to eat and if anything I do helps an artist make a sale or get connected to a gallery, art consultant, designer or collector to generate future sales, well, that makes everything I do worthwhile.

Without a Sound, oil and mixed media on canvas, 24×40

DS |  What work(s) of art do you wish you owned?
AF | Oh wow.  I don’t even know where to begin!  Obviously, if I had the funds, I would love to own works by my favorite masters.. Picasso, O’Keeffe, Rothko, Pollock, just to name a few.  Not to be a suck-up, but I would love to own one of your pieces one day!  😉  I am finding new favorites every day, but there are certain artists whose work I keep coming back to and that both George and I really adore– which I think is very important, we would have to both love any artwork purchase.
Christina Foard— I’m very fortunate to own a smaller, earlier work of Christina’s, but I would love to be able to buy one of her larger pieces one day.  She has some new work showing at the Haskell Gallery inside Jacksonville International Airport ( along with July Facebook Featured artist, Thomas Hager! ) and I am completely coveting “Flow“.
Maribel Angel— I loved Maribel’s work from the first moment I saw it and completely regret not investing in a painting while I was getting a gallery discount. 😉  “Shangri-La” is a piece of Maribel’s that I adore.
Rachel Denny— Rachel’s “Domestic Trophies” are so fabulous and after we saw them at Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, George loved them just as much as I already did.  I would give any of them a good home!
Susan Hall— Susan’s work is incredibly soft and ethereal.  There’s a quiet intricacy to it that I don’t think I would ever tire of.  “April” reminds me of the serenity of the wildlife here in the Northwest.  I love it.
Joe Segal— Joe’s work has always appealed to me.  It bridges the gap between the raw natural quality of the wood and his contemporary vision so beautifully.  His “Cleave” series really fits our aesthetic perfectly, it echoes my hubby’s “mountain man” personality with my own more urban style.
I could go on and on!  Suffice it to say that I would love to own the work of any artist I’ve featured so far on Artsy Forager!

Plummet, oil and mixed media on canvas, 24×40

DS: What is your art world pet peeve?
AF:  I hate it when artwork isn’t credited along with other sources.  I’ve seen some gorgeous work on blogs and in magazines and often every element in the room except the artwork is credited down to the paint on the walls, often not for lack of trying on the designer’s part.  One of my favorite artists recently had his work featured as part of a home design in House Beautiful and although the designer lobbied heavily for him, his name was still not listed among the source credits.  It just devalues the work of the artist as not as important as, say, the sofa or a table lamp.  It’s so irritating!

Into Flat Space, oil and mixed media on canvas, 24×40

To see more work from Deborah Scott, please check out her website.  Tomorrow’s Takeover Artist:  M.A. Tateishi!

All images are via the artist or her website. 

Friday Faves: Seattle On My Mind

13 Apr

If you’ve been reading Artsy Forager for a while, you may have noticed me mention the love my hubby & I have for Seattle.  He was living there when we began dating and although we’d known each other a long time before, it was in the Emerald City that we truly fell in love.  Exactly 2 years from this Sunday, I flew to Seattle to celebrate my birthday ( the 15th ) and George’s birthday ( the 11th ) and to truly test the waters after 12 years of friendship, 1year of online flirting and 1 month of long distance dating.  Not only did I fall madly in love with George, I fell hard for the city of Seattle.  So we’re heading there on Sunday to spend a few days soaking in the delights of our favorite city.  Needless to say, I’m pretty Seattle obsessed today.  Hope you enjoy these artists’ renditions of our city of love!

Snow White by Deborah Scott, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36×60

65th and Roosevelt by Julia Hensley, gouache collage on Bristol board, 9×12


Parallel Bars #1 by Michael Prince, mixed media, 40×30

From the Explorations of the Viaduct series by Marie Gagnon

Family Trio, Seattle by Robin Weiss, oil, 12×12

Deborah ScottJulia Hensley | Michael Prince | Marie Gagnon | Robin Weiss 

Have a fantastic weekend!  Posts will be going up as normal for the next few days, but I’ll only be online sporadically to answer questions and approve/respond to comments.  See you on Wednesday!

Featured image is The Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market, Seattle by Marsha Glaziere.  All images are via the artists’ websites.

Friday Faves: It’s Like High School Without the Bad Hair

6 Jan

‘Tis a new year and with that comes all sorts of lists documenting the good, the bad and the ugly from the past 12 months.  While there’s certainly no bad or ugly here at Artsy Forager, I thought it would be a kick to award our featured art some high schoolish superlatives.  Put your mittens on your kittens and away we go!

BEST DRESSED:  Kelly Reemsten

Holding Your Attention by Kelly Reemsten, oil on panel, 36x36 ( via Skidmore Contemporary )

CUTEST COUPLE:  Maggie Taylor

Ever After by Maggie Taylor, pigmented digital print, 15x15

BEST HAIR:  Robin Williams

Tired Prince by Robin Williams


Peace by Susan Hall, oil on panel, 27x27

LIFE OF THE PARTY:  Sarah Ashley Longshore

Last Call by Sarah Ashley Longshore, acrylic on canvas with high gloss resin 48x60 ( via Gallery Orange )


Love by Eric Zener, oil on canvas, 14x11

BIGGEST FLIRT:  Deborah Scott

The Girl Would Believe Anything by Deborah Scott, oil and mixed media on canvas

BEST SMILE:  Ann Marshall

Ba. by Ann Marshall, graphite on paper, 20x14


Taxicab Situation with Counterfeit Results, mixed media, 48x48

Were you awarded a superlative in high school?  Let me guess, Most Creative? 🙂  Have a great weekend, Artsies!

Featured image is Books by Holly Farrell, acrylic and oil on masonite.  All images are via the artist’s websites, unless otherwise stated.

Sleeping With Peas And Toads: Deborah Scott

8 Sep

Sometimes a princess has to do what a princess has to do.  Like kiss a frog, get a horrible night’s sleep with a pea stuffed under the mattress or maybe just open her eyes and wake up.  Seattle artist Deborah Scott has created an intriguing new series, Waiting For Prince Charming, which explores how traditional fairy tale themes would be translated in our modern world.

Snow White, oil and mixed media on canvas

For instance, how would Snow White’s modis operandi of relying on her beauty and reputation as “the fairest in the land” work to secure her prince in today’s world?  Mass media advertising, of course.  Scott depicts her, perhaps this most vapid of the fairy tale princesses, as a purely passive participant in her own fairy tale.  Her happy ending isn’t a result of anything she does or who she is, but merely because of her famous looks.  Sound familiar?

The Girl Would Believe Anything, oil and mixed media on canvas

And then there’s the chick from The Princess & The Frog.  How many women have been deceived into thinking that warty, nasty toad would one day magically turn into a prince?  He may seem debonair and sophisticated, but he is a frog all the same.  And once we realize how duped we were.. we are horrified at our own stupidity.

A Social Climber's Romance, oil and mixed media on canvas

In A Social Climber’s Romance, we see a well rested young woman and a pea peeking out from under the mattresses– she obviously hasn’t passed the real princess test, but is oblivious to the meaning of her sweet slumber.  In this series, Deborah continues to hone her classical, figure-focused narrative style, which works tremendously well to carry out the themes in each work.

Waiting For Prince Charming opens at All City Coffee in Seattle September 10th and will be on exhibit there until November 5th.  If you’re in the Seattle area, please check it out!  Better still, there will be an artist’s reception on October 21st, Deborah is a delight in person and meeting her will give you such deeper appreciation for her work.

In the meantime, stop by Deborah’s website to see more of her work and check out her introduction on Artsy Forager here.

Featured image is Princess And The Pea.  All images are courtesy of Deborah Scott.

Special thanks to Deborah for giving me a studio tour and a sneak peek at this new work when George & I were in Seattle last week!  Look for features on some of her talented studio mates on the blog soon!

Different.. In a Really, Really Good Way: Deborah Scott

24 Aug

Please enjoy this oldie by goodie while I spend the next two weeks camping, packing, visiting with the mom-in-law and moving from WA to OR. See you in September!

I never fail to be blown away by the humility I find in amazingly talented artists.  When Deborah Scott contacted me after I posted in the Seattle Artists group on LinkedIn, I had no idea what I would find when I clicked on her website.  It thrills me beyond belief when an artist contacts me to be featured on Artsy Forager and I go to their website and find artwork that is fresh, unique and unlike anything I’ve seen before.  Goosebumps, ya’ll!!

This Seattle area born & bred artist began her professional life in a marketing career working for big brands like Betty Crocker and Amazon.com.  She would eventually leave the marketing world behind, pursuing art full force, immersing herself in arts education and copying the work of old masters.

Balance, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x69

Her familiarity with image recognition and brand iconography comes through in her narrative figural work, where she employs classical compositions and perspectives juxtaposed against modern branding instantly recognizable to our 21st century eyes.

Lucky Charms, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x60

Consumption of Innocence, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x60

Stalemate, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x60

Like the classical masters she studied, Deborah’s work has layers of meaning, symbols abound– some obvious, others more subversive.  But the result causes us to pause and consider, truly gaze at each work, wondering what the artist is getting at.. Is she poking fun?  Is she making a serious commentary on a topical issue?  A little bit of both?

The meaning isn’t obvious.  Though realistic in style, Deborah’s work seems abstract in meaning.  A blending of the best of both worlds, if you ask me.

Check out more of Deborah Scott’s work on her website, here.  Her work is currently on display at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA and The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles.  She hits the East Coast next year, showing at Susan Eley Fine Art in NYC.

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