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Friday Finds: ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Frida Kahlo

6 Jul

I used to deliberately fight against liking the work of Frida Kahlo.  You see, in my college painting studio there was an older Bolivian woman who was auditing the course and she LOVED Kahlo and seemed to fancy herself as the next Frida.  Which wouldn’t have been a big deal except that she was mega annoying about it.  She bugged the bejeezus out of everyone in the studio.  So she tainted Frida for me.  It wasn’t until years later that I rediscovered her work and came to develop my own artist crush on Frida.  Today would have been her 105th birthday.  So in honor of Frida Kahlo de Rivera, here are a few artists who also found her inspirational!

Viva La Vida by Emma Gale

Frida Kahlo by Judy Kaufmann

Frida by Tara Jacoby

Daft Punk Frida by Fabian Ciraolo

Frida Dog by Clair Hartmann

Emma Gale | Judy Kaufmann | Tara Jacoby | Fabian Ciraolo | Clair Hartmann  

Happy birthday, Frida!

All images are via the artist’s websites, linked above.  Be sure to check out each artist’s website for more examples of their work!

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