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Friday Faves in 3-D

23 Sep

Happy Friday, Artsies!  If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you have probably noticed that it’s a little painting heavy.  Painting as a medium is my first love, ooey-gooey globs of paint on a canvas will always be the first thing to catch my eye. I hate that it seems like sculpture is the red-headed step child of the art world.  I do love beautifully rendered sculpture and have vowed to feature it more here.  So as I work on some sculptors to feature soon, here’s a round-up of some three dimensional work that I am especially drawn to.

Vanilla Driftwood by Treg Silkwood and Candace Martin, AKA Silkwood Glass

Seedpod, Nested by Eric Moss

Pod, burnished earthenware and soluble metal salts

Nest by Michael Roco, mixed media

Do you have a favorite 3-d artist?  Do tell!  Have a fantastic weekend, Artsies!  To see more of any of the above sculptors’ work, please visit their websites:

1.  Silkwood Glass

2.  Eric Moss

3.  Mark Goudy

4.  Michael Roco 

All images are courtesy of the artists’ websites.

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