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The Singularly Sensational Erin Cone

28 Nov

To take a simple, singular subject and explore all its possibilities can be a challenge for any artist.  But it is an exercise in observation, composition and creativity that results in heightened awareness and the elevation of a simple idea into sophisticated conceptualism.  Santa Fe artist Erin Cone takes a simple female figure in a red dress and using a keen eye for design and composition, transforms it over and over into visually striking and emotionally compelling work.

Discourse 1, acrylic, 21x21

Her use of negative space and positioning of the figure so that the face is obstructed allows the viewer to wonder who this woman is, what is her story?  She seems to be searching or waiting.. but for what or whom?

Etiquette, acrylic, 48x60

The artist’s use of hard edged squares in her compositions creates an almost jarring, interesting tension between the linear quality of the squares vs. the soft, supple shapes of the female form and dress.

Assemblage, acrylic, 60x60

Adieu, acrylic, 56x44

Erin’s work seems to be a study in quiet contemplation.  The stillness of form, tranquility of space and design, the reposed manner, all lead the viewer into a sense of calm, but the use of the red dress leads us to believe that perhaps there is a storm brewing just below the surface..

Repartee 1, acrylic, 21x21

To see more of Erin Cone’s work, please visit her website. Be sure to check it out and see her other series, just as wonderful as the red dresses!  I found Erin through the amazing Lanoue Fine Art in Boston.

Featured image is Debutante, acrylic, 72×48.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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