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Guest Foraging for Image South: How Versatile Artwork Transforms Any Space

28 Aug

Hiya Artsies!  Oh boy, so many exciting things happening ’round these parts!  Feel like I’m all over the place in the best sort of way.  This week, I have a guest post up over on the Image South blog.  If you’re not familiar with Image South, they are a publisher of fine art prints offering beautiful work at affordable prices.  For my guest post, I took one IS print, Essential Line #4 by Mitra Ghaffari, carefully chose versatile Larson Juhl framing and then showcased it in three very different spaces.  Head over to the Image South blog to check it out!

Essential Line #4 by Mitra Ghaffari

Guest Foraging for Image South

Guest Foraging: New Monthly Feature on UGallery’s Blog!

22 Aug

Good afternoon, Artsies!  I’m happy to announce that beginning today, I’ll be writing a monthly feature for the UGallery blog!  UGallery is an online gallery featuring affordable & accessible original artwork.  I’ve been pinning to UGallery’s group Pinterest board, Artful Rooms, for a few months now and  you may remember Kurt Yalcin, Community Manager for UGallery, popped in to do a little Guest Foraging for me while I was on vacation earlier this month.  We’ve been enjoying our collaborations so much that Kurt offered me a regular feature on the UGallery blog!

Curated Persona will run once a month and with each new post, I’ll introduce you to a new “personality” and curate a collection of work from UGallery’s fabulous stable of artists especially tailored to that persona.  Head over the the UGallery blog to check out the first installment of Curated Personas: The Romantic Sophisticate!

At the Edge by Joy McKinney

Guest Foraging: Artsy Forager on curate 1k!

25 Jul

Like most art lovers, I’m a collector on a budget.  Not quite a “ramen noodles every night” budget, but I would gladly eat peanut butter sandwiches all the time if it meant owning work by my favorite artists.   So when Norah Guignon of curate 1k asked me to guest curate for her this week, I jumped at the chance!  Each week on her blog, Norah or her guest curator rounds up a collection of artwork that together totals less than $1,000.  Seriously affordable, accessible and beautiful work!  For my week, I curated a little “Sand & Sea” collection, as hubby and I have been landlocked here in Idaho for almost 9 months and are seriously missing being on the Coast.

Here’s a little taste, but be sure to head over to curate 1k to see it all!  Each day a new piece debuts, so make sure you check back for the rest of the week!

Sea0014a by Thomas Hager

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