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Artsy Spot: Gallery Orange

22 Feb

In the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter, housed in a 200+ year old classic Creole building lives Gallery Orange, a contemporary fine art gallery whose vibe and vision match the freshness of its signature color.

Gallery Orange, New Orleans, exterior

If you’re a regular Artsy Forager reader, you’ve heard of Gallery Orange before.  I first found GO when I discovered the work of Sarah Ashley Longshore, which then led me to Gallery Orange, her exclusive representation in New Orleans.  I found gallery owner Tracy Geilbert’s aesthetic and taste to be quite similar to my own and have been happily watching her list of artists grow and work by those artists flying off the walls!  Tracy’s love of art and enthusiasm for original work is infectious, I’ve never seen a gallery promote their artists harder than she does!

Gallery Orange, New Orleans, interior with works by Sarah Ashley Longshore

Owner Tracy Geilbert was already selling art at a young age, making sketches of Duran Duran, photocopying them and selling the “prints” to her classmates. ( Ah, a fellow 80’s girl! )  Part Dutch and part British, Geilbert studied  art and eventually graduated from the Royal Academy of the Arts at The Hague.  Life would eventually take her to post-Katrina New Orleans and, after working for another high-end New Orleans gallery, heeded the call of her heart to open a space of her own.

Gallery Orange, interior, works by Guus Kemp

Gallery Orange, New Orleans, interior, works by Gigi Mills, Carlos Lopez and Jill Ricci

Starting in a tiny 600 square foot space, with only two artists on her roster, Tracy’s hard work and eye for unique talent led to the gallery’s current space on Royal Street where boutique galleries are springing up and blazing new trails on the New Orleans art scene.  Tracy brings her Dutch artistic sensibilities to the gallery, offering only exceptional original work ( no giclees here! ), creative energy galore and a bit of good humor thrown in.  Gallery Orange is all about serious art that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Gallery Orange, New Orleans, exterior

If you are in New Orleans or planning a visit, do not miss a trip to Gallery Orange!  Delightful, deliciousness awaits you!  You can see a list of upcoming shows at GO on their website— which is newly redesigned, make sure you check it out!

All images are courtesy of Gallery Orange.

Harnessed Energy

29 Nov

This Fall, the leaves in Oregon have been full of riotous color, bursting forth in celebration of the last days of sunshine and warmth.  But to find happy energy in the long, grey days of winter, one only need look as far as Dutch painter Guus Kemp’s work.

Just Beautiful, oil on canvas, 36x48

Thick bursts of glossy paint almost leap of the canvas, like fireworks in the sky.  This is an artist using the properties of paint– its colors, texture and sheen to bring joy to the viewer.  The works elicit emotion, excitement and energy.

Red Man, oil on canvas, 48x60

A Dutch-born artist, now a resident of Houston, Kemp began working with oils in 2008, opening up a whole new means of expression.  According to the artist, “My paintings are a reflection of who I am . . . an extrovert who takes life by the horns!”

Female Tornado, oil on canvas, 48x60

Indeed, these large scale, intensely hued works are no shrinking violets.  These are pieces that demand your attention.  And once they get it, you can’t help but be happy and energized.

Riot of Parrots, oil on canvas, 48x60

To be enlivened by more of Guus’s work, please take a peek at his website.  Thank you to Gallery Orange for introducing me to this artist, if you’re in New Orleans, be sure to check them out!

Featured image is Carpe Diem, oil on canvas, 48×48.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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