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Art to Inspiration: Jo Howe

2 May

Wow.  Has another month really gone by already?  It’s Art to Inspiration time again!  This month’s inspiration, Echoes of Fragrant Voices by Jo Howe inspires me on so many levels.  Her sculptures, created from book pages ( love level one- check! ) are full of beautiful shapes ( two- check! ), soft color ( three- check! ), rhythm ( four- check! ) and gorgeous texture ( that makes five- check! ).  Just as with Pakayla Biehn’s work last month, Jo’s work inspired me to create a gallery of varied complementary works, each of which shares characteristics reminiscent of Jo’s work.

The inspiration:

Echoes of Fragrant Voices by Jo Howe

The gallery:

Pendant by Erik Gonzales, mixed media on panel, 60x60

Half Hickory by Virginia Petty

Core III by Joe Segal, wood and paint, 54x9

Trophy by Brenda Mallory, cloth, wax, welded steel, 20x20x13

Mercury by Karen Margolis, watercolor, gouache, graphie, thread on Abaca paper, 11x14

Expansion by Haley Farthing, pastel on wood, 48x24

Relic by Jay Heryet, box elder, 200mm diameter

Jo Howe

Erik Gonzales | Virginia Petty | Joe Segal | Brenda Mallory | Karen Margolis | Haley Farthing | Jay Heryet 

Visit the artists’ websites, linked above, for more inspiration!

You can find more information on Art to Inspiration here and if you would like to participate in the next Art to Inspiration, just fill out this form! Follow me and all the other Art to Inspiration bloggers on Twitter by subscribing here.  Let the inspiring begin! 
All images are via the artists’ websites unless otherwise noted.

The Artsy Home: Decking Halls and Such

14 Dec

I LOVE this time of year.  It’s a few weeks out of our lives that we take the time to beautify our surroundings, making sure everything sparkles with a holiday glow.  We all become artists, creating vignettes of tinsel and holly,  making our homes magical for our loved ones, our children, ourselves.  A wonderful trend that I’m seeing is holiday decorating that is inspired by what we love to surround ourselves with every day. ( Oh, there’s still room for those homemade childhood ornaments! )

I thought it would be fun to pair some beautifully decorated Christmas trees with a work of art.  I’m no stranger to art-inspired tree decorating, take a look at these trees I decorated for the gallery where I was working a few years ago.  Just goes to show, any piece of art can inspire your holiday decor.  So let’s deck our Artsy halls!

the art:

The Keeper of Dreams by Philippe Loubat, oil on canvas, 23.62x23.62

the tree:

via TrendyTree.com

the art:

Frozen Blueberries by Christina Baker, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

the tree:

via SimplifiedBee.blogspot.com via StylebyEmilyHenderson.com

the art:

Sentinel by Steven DaLuz, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

the tree:

via House and Home

the art:

Growth by Haley Farthing, pastel and ink on wood, 48x24

the tree:

via Pinterest via Purlbee.com

the art:

Oceanic 29 by Thomas Hager

the tree:

via Stylish-living-room-ideas.com

the art:

Tower by Justin Richel, gouache on paper, 17x19.5

the tree:

via TrendyTree.com

Hope you’re inspired to think about your art collection when decorating for the holidays.  If it’s too late for this year, there’s always 2012.. it will be here before we know it!

Featured image is via SimplifiedBee.  All art images are via the artists’ websites.

Inherent Abstractions of the Natural World

9 Nov

The moment I walked through the doors of Davis & Cline in Ashland, I fell hard for the work of Haley Farthing.  Immediately, they drew me in, I had to take a closer look.  What exactly was I seeing?  Her palette is so subtle, the shapes so fluid, these are works that are best examined at close range.

Pulse, pastel and ink on wood, 48x24

For Haley, “abstraction and ambiguity of a subject is much more powerful when it is a part of it’s inherent nature”.  She takes organic subjects, such as driftwood, plants, etc and magnifies the view, creating a perspective that highlights their intrinsic abstraction.

Constant, pastel on wood, 24x12

Her limited, neutral palette allows the texture and pattern of these natural materials to be showcased and celebrated.  Mere leaves appear to be angel’s wings or folds of rich satin flowing from the bodies of ancient Greeks.  She constructs her work in such a way that these organic forms take on classical compositions.  While allowing the grain of the wood surface to show through reminds us that these are earthly manifestations, their beauty inherent in their creation.

Untitled, pastel and ink on wood, 9x12

Growth, pastel and ink on wood, 48x24

Please take the time to check out more of Haley Farthing’s work on her website.  Her Out of the Woods show can be seen at Davis & Cline until November 26th.  It is a beautiful, inspiring show– I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Southern Oregon.

Featured image is Nestle, pastel and ink on wood, 60×24.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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