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Botanic Modern: Jennifer Bain

30 May

One of the things I love about my husband is how excited he gets about wildflowers.  He is the manliest of men, but when spring arrives, he begins the hunt for perfumed beauties.  Our camera card gets filled with glorious specimens to remember and identify.  We joyfully observe butterflies and bees making their rounds, testing each bud.  Artist Jennifer Bain shares our fascination with the beauty that awaits just outside our windows.

Regeneration, mixed media on panel, 24×24

Like yesterday’s artist, Charlene Liu, Bain takes the traditional floral still life and reinvents it.  Each work may contain a few realistic portrayals of birds or flowers, but it is the juxtaposition of more contemporary, silhouetted elements and textile-like patterns that give these pieces post-modern punch.

Uphill Climb, mixed media on panel, 12×12

The simple linear shapes give the work a fleeting, unfinished quality which creates a beautifully dynamic tension between those and the more detailed elements.

Seekers, mixed media on panel, 36×48

Butterflies and birds flit across each piece, seeming to be drunk on loveliness.  Like the butterflies, I too, would love to dance among these beauties.

Pretty Bird, mixed media on panel, 36×48

Swallowtail, mixed media on panel, 18×24

To see more of Jennifer Bain’s work, please visit her website.  Oh and Jennifer is another artist represented by Skidmore Contemporary.  I told you they had great taste!

PS– Didn’t realize when scheduling these posts that I featured two floral artists within two days.  I’m interested to hear your takes on both!

Featured image is Seekers, mixed media on panel, 48×36.  All images are via the Skidmore Contemporary website.

Artsy Fodder: Art Gets Bejewelled

24 Jan

Artists and designers have been inspiring each other for centuries. Whether we realize it or not, much of the clothes we wear, jewelry we sport and objects we use are a result of the symbiosis between art and design.  And I for one, love to celebrate such connections!  For this first feature in the new Artsy Fodder series, let’s have some fun with artfully inspired jewelry designs.  These pieces may not have directly influenced each other, but there is an unmistakable resemblance.


Friday Night 27848 by John Duckworth


Kate Spade, City Lights Idiom Bangle


Oceanic Series by Thomas Hager


Anthropologie, Jumbled Loops Necklace


Untitled by Amy Pleasant


Paige Novick, White Howlite Cuff


Yin and Yang by Jennifer Bain


Jill Schwartz, Mosaic Pin


Screen ( Barn Owl ) by Kevin Appel


M. Missoni, Chain Necklace

Do find yourself buying pretty baubles that remind you of your favorite artwork?  Take a look inside your own closet or jewelry box and I’ll bet you’ll see some similarities!

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