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Abstracted Ambiguity: John Dempcy

20 Oct

Georges Braque said,  “There is only one valuable thing in art. The thing you can’t explain”.  The best of abstract art is, in my opinion, work that is so ambiguous that trying to explain it is kind of pointless.  There are so many “things” it could be, could represent, that trying to nail it down just seems futile.  The work of Seattle artist John Dempcy strikes me as just that sort of work.

Mingling Fates, acrylic on panel, 36x36

His caleidoscopic-like imagery brings to mind microscopic organisms..

Inner Fictions, acrylic on panel, 40x30

.. or sea life..

Sea Nettles, acrylic on panel, 40x30

.. or the wonders of the universe..

Quantum Leap, acrylic on panel, 30x30

.. or whatever you would like to see.

Renewal, acrylic on panel, 36x36

If you’re intrigued by John Demcy’s work, as I am, please visit his website.  I first saw his work at Augen Gallery in Portland, but you’ll find a list of galleries all over the US in which his work is featured.  There’s bound to be one in your path!

Featured image is Deepwater, acrylic on panel, 48×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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