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Fragile Ambiguity: Kris Knight

4 Apr

Sometimes, in a world filled with sarcasm and cynicism, we can easily forget the vulnerability of the human spirit.  How one wounding word can hurt and haunt us.  Toronto artist Kris Knight’s portraits remind us that the strength we so often feign is not impenetrable.

Waves ( Augustus ), oil on canvas, 30x40

The pale pastel palette Knight employs translates to us the inherent frailty of our psyches.  Though each subject takes a strong stance, often looking straight into the gaze of the viewer, their faces tell a different story.  Beneath the facade, we see flushed cheeks, downturned mouths and eyes that seem to be bright with unshed tears.

Caught, oil on canvas, 12x16

Some wear netted masks, hiding in plain sight.  While others at once stand defiant under our close attention, yet their eyes are pleading.

Winter Wheat, oil on canvas, 30x40

Mischief, oil on canvas, 14x18

They are the faces of loved ones and strangers.  People we think we acknowledge but who are longing to be known.  To see more of Kris’s work, please visit his website.

Artist found via Escape Into Life.

Featured image is Run Deep, oil on canvas, 16×20.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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