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Art to Inspiration: Linda Monfort

7 Nov

I’ve been out to lunch Art to Inspiration-wise lately.  I love this collaborative exercise, but alas, there just wasn’t time for it last month with our moving 1300 miles south and all.  But this month’s inspiration piece is so lovely, I couldn’t resist!  The inspiration artwork for November, The Other Side by painter Linda Monfort, is full of the vibrant color I’m longing for after my first few weeks of living in the desert.

The Other Side by Linda Monfort

I’ve put together a gallery of work of varied styles that tie in beautifully with the palette, texture, and energy of Monfort’s piece.  I give you, Color Riot!  Hope you enjoy!

Glow One by Liz Tran

Love Me Two Times by Kirra Jamison

Avant Garden by Karen Klassen

Square ( Equipose ) by Michael Velliquette

CUBEN series by Simon C Page

Liz Tran | Kirra Jamison | Karen Klassen | Michael Velliquette | Simon C Page

To see more from each artist, check out their websites, linked above.

You can find more information on Art to Inspiration here and if you would like to participate in the next Art to Inspiration, just fill out this form! Follow me and all the other Art to Inspiration bloggers on Twitter by subscribing here.  Let the inspiring begin! 

Making Mountains: Liz Tran

2 Oct

While Mr. Forager & I are on the road, making our way to California, we’re rerunning Artsy Forager’s most popular posts.  This post originally published on February 7, 2012 and got a huge bump thanks to being featured on the Freshly Pressed WordPress feature.  Enjoy!

I love it when painters explore their 3-dimensional side.  I’m not talking about donning special sunglasses to see the latest technology driven flick.  I mean, when artists who normally work in 2-dimensions explore the world of sculpture.  The result is often magical, their paintings come to life!  Seattle artist Liz Tran ( an Artsy Forager fave ) brings her color saturated paintings to life in ceramic form.

My Rayonier, glazed ceramic, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, 19x15x9

Perhaps what draws me to Liz’s work time and time again is her obvious love for the outdoors and the way she expresses that affection in joyful color and whimsical lines.  The sculpture above, My Rainer, holds a special draw for me, as Mount Rainier is my favorite mountain.  Rainier has been the site of some wonderful memories for my husband and I, and Liz has captured its magic in such a unique way.

My Rayonier ( detail ), glazed ceramic, acrylic ink, acrylic paint

Of course, who could forget her twisting, multi-hued trees?  She mimics their shapes and winding branches in these ceramic creations.  In this form, they almost take on an alien-like quality, which I am totally digging.


Backbone Two, glazed ceramic, wood, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, 5x5x36

Then there are her Backbone pieces, which I must confess, are my fave!  They are one part tree trunk + one part stacked tea cup + one part graphic color = total wonderfulness!  How amazing would a grouping of these be in a children’s hospital?  Or tucked away in a garden?

To see more of Liz Tran’s sculptures and paintings, please visit her website.  You can also check out my feature on Liz’s paintings here.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Friday Faves: Climb Every Mountain

20 Apr

A huge part of what drew George & I to the Northwest was the mountainous terrain.  When the weather is good, every weekend is spent hiking and exploring the mountains around wherever we happen to be.  We’re gearing up for the ultimate mountain adventure this June, when we’ll take some time off to camp and explore Glacier National Park, the Tetons and Yellowstone.  So it’s only natural that I’ve got mountains on the brain these days.  Hope you enjoy these artist’s takes on the peak life!

Kate Shaw

Peace and Love by Casey Roberts, cyanotype with gouache, 60×69

Colorado Electricity by Christina Foard, oil on canvas, 36×36

Pile of Nipples by Marian Brunn Smith, oil on canvas, 24×18

One After Another, mixed media on panel, 30×24

Kate ShawCasey RobertsChristina Foard | Marian Brunn Smith | Liz Tran 

What say you, Artsies?  Any mountainous adventures on the horizon?

Featured image is Magic Hour by Kate Shaw.  All images are via the artist’s websites, linked above.

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Liz Tran

13 Dec

I’ve been so busy painting this morning ( Yes, you read that right!  I may or may not share the finished work with you.  Depends on how I feel about them.. ), that I almost forgot to let you know about today’s Escape Into Life feature.  Now, that would just not do at all, because I am a huge fan of today’s artist, Liz Tran.

One After Another, mixed media on panel, 30x24

Joy positively radiates from Liz’s work.  They twinkle and wink and flirt with you.  So at what can be a stressful time of year, fill a cup of egg nog and enjoy some happy time.

Liz Tran on Escape Into Life

And just in case you missed it, check out her recent Artsy Forager feature here.

Happy Trees: Liz Tran

12 Oct

Yes, I just quoted Bob Ross.  But the whimsical trees of Seattle artist Liz Tran are miles beyond Ross’s prosaic “happy trees”.  Tran’s trees practically shout with joy.

Encircle, mixed media on panel, 36x36

With her use of bright colors and whimsical patterns, these trunks and limbs capture the fun spirit of yarn-bombing in paint!

Winter Drop, mixed media on panel, 48x48

August Bloom, mixed media on panel, 36x24

These transporting works take me back to the feeling of being a kid, lying on my back in the grass and looking up into a canopy of trees with sunlight bursting through.  There is no other feeling more peaceful and happy.

Summer Stripes, mixed media on panel, 36x36

In a lesser hand, these candied conifers could turn a bit too sweet, but Liz gives them just the right modernity to keep up the fresh and contemporary feel.  To see more of Liz Tran’s creations, please visit her website.

Featured image is Traveling Two, mixed media on panel, 36×24.  All images are courtesy of the artist’s website.

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