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Friday Faves: It’s Like High School Without the Bad Hair

6 Jan

‘Tis a new year and with that comes all sorts of lists documenting the good, the bad and the ugly from the past 12 months.  While there’s certainly no bad or ugly here at Artsy Forager, I thought it would be a kick to award our featured art some high schoolish superlatives.  Put your mittens on your kittens and away we go!

BEST DRESSED:  Kelly Reemsten

Holding Your Attention by Kelly Reemsten, oil on panel, 36x36 ( via Skidmore Contemporary )

CUTEST COUPLE:  Maggie Taylor

Ever After by Maggie Taylor, pigmented digital print, 15x15

BEST HAIR:  Robin Williams

Tired Prince by Robin Williams


Peace by Susan Hall, oil on panel, 27x27

LIFE OF THE PARTY:  Sarah Ashley Longshore

Last Call by Sarah Ashley Longshore, acrylic on canvas with high gloss resin 48x60 ( via Gallery Orange )


Love by Eric Zener, oil on canvas, 14x11

BIGGEST FLIRT:  Deborah Scott

The Girl Would Believe Anything by Deborah Scott, oil and mixed media on canvas

BEST SMILE:  Ann Marshall

Ba. by Ann Marshall, graphite on paper, 20x14


Taxicab Situation with Counterfeit Results, mixed media, 48x48

Were you awarded a superlative in high school?  Let me guess, Most Creative? 🙂  Have a great weekend, Artsies!

Featured image is Books by Holly Farrell, acrylic and oil on masonite.  All images are via the artist’s websites, unless otherwise stated.

The Magical Maggie Taylor

8 Nov

The art world is a strange, small place.  How else do you explain that I saw an artist’s work on the website of a Boston gallery, which I stumbled upon through searching for another artist, only to discover that the artist I found has connections to my former neck of the woods in Florida?  Call it fate, call it kismet, call it Al, if you like, but it means that I must feature the work of Gainesville artist Maggie Taylor on Artsy Forager.

Ever After, pigmented digital print, 15x15

Her technique of scanning and layering images in Photoshop ( read more on her technique here ), give these haunting works the visual texture and depth of paintings.

Hornet's Nest, pigmented digital print, 15x15

The works are dreamlike, in that way where nothing in dreams seems completely logical, yet feels very real.  The rich, luminous colors add to the intense emotionality and daguerreotype quality.  It’s like looking through a stereoscope into another world.

Garden, pigmented digital print, 8x8

No Right Answer, pigmented digital print, 15x15

Maggie Taylor’s work is available for viewing on her website and Facebook page.  She has upcoming shows at the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis and the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.  Her work can also be seen at Lanoue Fine Art in Boston, as well as other galleries throughout the US and a few in Europe and Asia.

Featured image is The Rehearsal, pigmented digital print, 15×15.  All images are via the Lanoue Fine Art website.

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