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Friday Finds: A Little Birdie Told Me So

20 Jul

One of our favorite things about living at the lake this summer has been our evening walks.  Once the heat begins to wane, all the birds begin to sing.  We often end our walk by making our way down to the dock where we sit and watch birds both great and small as they hunt for dinner.  I’ve even told George I’m going to take up serious bird watching.  I’m going to be a funny old lady with her huge hat and binoculars watching all the birds that fly by.. So today’s round up is brought to you by some pretty little birds of the artsy kind that I’m admiring this week!

Mindy Hawkins

Maribel Angel

Abigail Brown

Sophie Woodrow

Mindy Hawkins | Maribel AngelAbigail Brown | Sophie Woodrow 

What say you, Artsies?  Want to grab a big floppy hat & your sunnies and join me on the dock for some birdwatching?  Happy weekend!

Featured image is by Abigail Brown.  All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

Happy Easter!

8 Apr

Hope you enjoy a day filled with sunshine and the love of family and friends!  And maybe some bunnies. 🙂

Rococo Rabbits by Maribel Angel

Visit Maribel Angel’s website for more somebunnies to love.

Angelic Imaginings: Maribel Angel

15 Mar

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, then you know that I have a few absolute favorite artists.  These are the artists whose work I absolutely adore and return to again and again.  Today’s artist, Maribel Angel is high on my list of favorites.  From the first time I saw her work, during my gallery career in Florida, it was delight at first sight.

Bird Park, acrylic on panel, 34x24

The irresistible charm of Maribel’s work is pretty obvious, but even more so when she begins explaining the inspiration behind each one.  For these latest paintings, she found unknowing muses in the form of all the birds congregating on her lakeside property in North Florida due to such a mild winter ( even for Florida! ).

Fruit and Bandits, acrylic on panel, 12x12

From the artist: “..all those feathered creatures that flew south for the winter used our yard as their tourist destination for several months. Not to mention all the local birds who had no reason to fly further south – so we had double the  population than usual and I could hear them chattering and chirping non stop from dawn till dusk while i was working in my studio. It wasn’t like song birds keeping a tune and creating a beautiful orchestra of sound – it was just full on chatter! Similar to the sound you would hear of camp kids shouting and playing at the pool.  I enjoyed their company and while I was painting I would imagine the stories they were sharing with each other.

Gentle Whisper, acrylic on panel, 34x24

The way she renders animals in such stylized simplicity is so appealing.  Her horses stand lean and graceful, birds are bright and cheerfully scattered.  She enriches each with beautifully layered color and texture– as stunning as they are online, her work is even more wonderful in person!

Crossing Over, acrylic on panel, 12x12

New Nest, acrylic on panel, 12x12

To see more of Maribel Angel’s work, please visit her website and the Gallery Orange website.  If you’re lucky enough to be in New Orleans, you can stop in at Gallery Orange to see her work in person or in Florida, check out Maribel’s work at Southlight Gallery.

Featured image is Shangrila, acrylic on panel, 48×12.  All images are via Gallery Orange, Maribel’s representing gallery in New Orleans.  For more on Gallery Orange, check out the recent Artsy Spot feature on the gallery here.

Artist Diggs: Angel’s Haven

30 Aug

Please enjoy this oldie by goodie while I spend the next two weeks camping, packing, visiting with the mom-in-law and moving from WA to OR. See you in September!

There are people and by people, I mean artists, whose life and art are so intertwined that almost everything in their life looks like their artwork.  Maribel Angel is one of those people and I mean that in the best possible sense.  The minute I drove up to her home & studio in St. Augustine, Florida, I knew I was in for a treat.

Maribel’s home & studio, which she shares with her husband, Cash, dog Miss Hannah and three cats, is on a quiet street removed from the bustle of tourists in downtown St. Augustine.  Entering through a green gate with a little bell,  I am greeted with a hug from the artist and meow from possibly the friendliest cat ever, Lulu. 

Trimmed in bright colors reminiscent of her paintings, the house, studio and workshop are like sweet little dollhouses.  Maribel and Cash purchased the property, which faces a lovely canal where Lulu loves to beg for attention from joggers, as a fixer upper and have done most of the work themselves over the years.  It is apparent that this is a place created with love.

Let’s go into the studio.

Sunlight streams through the windows, filling the diminutive studio with light and warmth. 

Every artist’s studio needs a comfy chair.  A place where an artist can curl up with a cup of coffee and read or dream about where inspiration will take them next.  Finished artwork or works in progress are all around the studio– like these sweet little horse paintings ( below ), which were big sellers during the MOCA Studio Tour a few weeks ago. 

The studio floors are reclaimed hardwood, which came from a local horse barn.  Maribel theorizes that perhaps the floors are subconsciously leading her to paint horses!  Whatever the cause, these equestrian inspired pieces are hard to resist.  However, I am even more in love with a new series Maribel is working on– inspired by the Anthropologie catalog! 

I told Maribel how much I loved these and when she told me her inspiration source, I was downright gleeful!  There is just something about Anthropologie that we artsy girls love.  Ask anyone who has ever been in one with me.  I get this joyous, glazed over look in my eye, which I’m sure is very similar to the look I had upon leaving Maribel’s.

On the opposite side of the room, are the quintessential elements of any artist’s studio– easel, work table and of course, stacks of works in progress.   See the horses?  I think the floors are working their magic. 

Ever wonder how Maribel creates those wonderful, collaged layers in her work?  First, she makes a color copy of the inspiration source, whether it be a textile pattern, page from a book or other ephemera, then soaks the copy in a medium solution which allows her to peel the transparent image from the paper.  The transparency allows for background paint and other elements to show through and using this instead of the paper itself will be more permanent and chemically stable. 

I can’t wait to try this out on my own.. I already have a few ideas!  If only I was as prolific as Maribel.. there is artwork and inspiration everywhere you turn in her studio.

Don’t you love the rustic window paned doors?  Maribel has definitely created a space that warms the heart and nurtures the soul.  I was there for less than an hour and came home incredibly inspired and ready to create!  I hope our visit to Maribel’s studio has done the same for you.

To see more of Maribel’s artwork, visit her Pick of the Crop page here at Artsy Forager or drop by her own website.

Pick of the Crop: Meet Miss Maribel

22 Aug

It’s been such a grey, gloomy week here in North Florida, that I thought we could all do with a little sunshine!  Maribel Angel’s work never fails to make me smile.  Maribel grew up in a Spanish speaking family and their influence definitely comes through in the vitality and liveliness of her work.

Maribel’s work tells a story, one that comes from within her own imagination and world of dreams.  A place filled with festive color, galloping horses, flying bunnies and fanciful birds.

As Maribel’s work symbolically explores the effects of layers of time and history, so her treatment of her mediums are often a layering of paper, images, paint, text and symbols.

It is in these details that Maribel’s graphic design background comes through.   Not only in the use and placement of text, but also in the juxtapositions of color and pattern.  Actually, I’ve always thought she could be a very successful textile designer.  I would totally buy a fabric or wallcovering in the design of “Bohemian Blossom”  ( pictured below ), wouldn’t you?  I’m picturing a this on a full skirt with a crisp white shirt and floppy straw hat!

So, Maribel Angel.. Painter-Graphic Designer-Future Textile Designer ( if I had my way! ).. let’s see, any other hyphenates to describe this multi-talented artist?  Oh, that’s right–she’s also a sculptor!!

Maribel takes found objects and gives them new life in her assemblages and I must admit, I find every one of these “Cuckoos Nest” birds absolutely charming.   Seriously, I’ve never met one I didn’t completely fall for.   Maribel was sweet enough to give me a wonderful miniature guy and it is one of my favorite possessions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with Maribel’s artwork.  I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon!  In the meantime, you can check out more on her “Pick of the Crop” page here at Artsy Forager or on her own website. Her work can usually be seen in person at Plum Art & Design in St. Augustine, FL, Southlight Gallery in downtown Jacksonville or if you’re near Sarasota, see her work at Bolivar Art Gallery.

Friday Forager Faves: Horsin’ Around

24 Jun

Artists have long held a fascination for horses.  Some of the earliest cave drawings were filled with equine imagery.  Modern artists are no different.  Today’s faves feature artists with a penchant for ponies.  Enjoy!

Maribel Angel

Thomas Hager

Marsha Glaziere

Jim Draper

Dolan Geiman

Laurie Pace

Happy Friday!  Hope your weekend is filled with lots of horsin’ around and such.

To see more work by these Friday Faves artists, check out their websites:

Maribel Angel

Thomas Hager

Marsha Glaziere

Jim Draper

Dolan Geiman

Laurie Pace

Friday Forager Faves: Birthday Wish List

15 Apr

Today is my birthday, ya’ll.   I will be happily spending the day with the one who birthed me, touring the Downtown Jacksonville studio of Christina Foard and researching downtown galleries for an article I’m writing for EU Magazine ( my first published print article! ).   In the spirit of Steve Martin’s SNL “Christmas Wish” sketch, I’m indulging in my own Birthday Wish list.

These are works of art that, “If I could have but one birthday wish this birthday”… to own any one of these would be my birthday wish.  These are the pieces I covet, the pieces that I know I would love forever and ever and give them a kind and loving home. 

Sleep Deprived and the Dog Can Wait by Casey Matthews

The title alone makes me smile.  I love how the palette is both warm and cool AND neutral all at the same time.  And I have a thing for circles.  I’ve seen this in person and it is stunning.

Lucy in the Sky by Maribel Angel

I love the Beatles.  I love the idea of a flying bunny chasing carrots.  I love Maribel’s work.  I would never tire of seeing this.

Speak No Evil by Pam Moxley

This reminds me of what it was like to be a kid, without a care in the world.  Summer days, carefree ways.  Before life was complicated.

Hotel, Calgary by Theresa Maxwell

This sweet little painting makes me think of honeymooning.. living out of a suitcase.. letting someone else make the bed.. bliss!

Lifetime Partners by Christina Foard 

I fell in love with this the first time I saw it on Christina’s Facebook page.  It reminds me of the devotion and complete commitment it takes to make a life with someone, to be a united front through thick and thin, to be sure of each other no matter what may lie ahead.  Maybe I’m just a starry-eyed newlywed.

I could go on and on adding more and more to this list– believe me, there are MANY more!  But I was raised to not be greedy, so I’m limiting myself to these five.  Even if I don’t have the real thing, they will always be here for me to gaze upon lovingly.  Happy birthday to me!

Friday Forager Faves

25 Mar

 A few of my favorite things this week.. in honor of the beginning of spring, a little light, some flowers and birdsong.

1. Dogwood Branch by Pamela Viola

2. Get Lucky by Christina Baker

3.  Fading Boundaries by Maribel Angel

4.  Everyone Loves a Parade by Casey Matthews

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