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Batik Storyteller: Lisa Telling Kattenbraker

21 Jun

The Matisse post yesterday got me in the mood for color.  AND it’s the first day of summer, perfect for sharing work that is bright, colorful and full of whimsical goodness.  George & I took a day trip to Olympia, WA this past Saturday to scope it out a bit.  In Childhood’s End Gallery, we both fell in love with the imagery of Lisa Telling Kattenbraker.


Lisa works in batik, an ancient process of wax-resist dyeing.  Her work juxtaposes traditional Batik patterning with simple, stylized childlike imagery.

Language Convergence

Most of her figures are faceless, so that the viewer can apply their own experience and emotions to the scene, which reminds me of another favorite artist, Yvonne Lozano.

Dress Rehearsal

These just make you smile, don’t they?  Wouldn’t you love to see this gal every day?  Doesn’t every good goat need a yellow rain slicker and wellies?

Lorelei the Pacific Northwest Goat from the New Moon Goat Rescue and Sanctuary

I would love to begin a tradition of collecting one piece of artwork from each of our travel assignments.  Thinking a Lisa Kattenbaker might just be The One for this summer.

Find out more about Lisa and her work, including originals and ( very affordable! ) limited editions on her website, here.

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