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Flights of Fancy: Diana Beltran Herrera

21 Aug

I’ve told you before about my visions of becoming a crazy bird watcher.  While Mr. Forager loves to lookout for ospreys, hawks and other large birds of prey, my own preference is for birds of smaller varieties.  Spotting a hummingbird is especially thrilling!  Their diminutive size and speed make their sudden appearance fascinating.  Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera recreates their flights of fancy in her paper sculptures.

While we were recently camping in Glacier National Park, we awoke one morning to what sounded like tiny jets buzzing above the roof of our tent.  The hummingbirds were enjoying a frolic among the lupine surrounding our campsite.

Herrera’s birds seem to come alive as they search for nectar among paper sculpted flowers.  You can practically hear the buzz of their wings as they keep themselves suspended mid-air.

So what do you think?  Has my slight ornithological obsession completely taken hold?  I think the only cure is to just seek out more fowl, both of the living and artistic variety. 😉 To see more of Diana Beltran Herrera’s work, please visit her website.

Artist found via My Modern Metropolis.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Elly MacKay

28 Feb

Like attracts like.  So it’s no surprise that many times, I find great artists by way of other great artists!  Today’s Escape Into Life artist, Elly MacKay is just such a case– thanks to Dolan Geiman for introducing me to such lovely work!

They Tied Their Hopes to a String by Elly MacKay

Elly MacKay on Escape Into Life

Friday Faves: Pretty Paper

9 Sep

Remember cutting out paper snowflakes in elementary school?  These Friday Faves have elevated paper cut-outs to the ultimate artistic level.  You know, school supplies are on sale right now.. let these artists inspire you to create your own stationary masterpieces!

Feather Mountain by Lena Wolff and Jaime Knight, paper collage with iridescent oil stick, varnish, mica and hole punch

Icosahedron II by Richard Sweeney, paper and adhesive

Night Mare by Annawili Highfield, Ink, archival cotton paper, cotton thread, copper pipe, timber block

Dissociations by Karen Margolis, abaca paper

Be sure to check out each artist’s website for more amazing paper creations!  Have a great weekend, Artsies!

1.  Lena Wolff and Jaime Knight 

2.  Richard Sweeney 

3.  Annawili Highfield 

4.  Karen Margolis 

Featured image is Continuum by Karen Margolis.  All images are courtesy of the artists’ websites.

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