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Friday Faves: Map It Out

5 Aug

My husband and I look at a lot of maps.  For the next several years, we’re moving to a new locale every three months, plus we spend weekends exploring the areas surrounding wherever we happen to be living.  Oh, and there are also all the future travel plans.  Like maybe a stint in Thailand in 2013.  ( I KNOW!.. so exciting!! ).  We use whatever maps we can get our hands on.. Google maps online at home, GPS in the car and of course, our good ol’ reliable atlas.  Currently, we’re pouring over maps as we anxiously await the locale of G’s next work assignment.  A month from now I will be typing the Friday Faves from a whole new setting, crazy isn’t it?!

Turns out we aren’t the only ones inspired by maps.  Check out some of my favorite artists who incorporate these geographic illustrations into their own artwork.  Happy travels!

Santa Cruz by Rachel Ann Austin

Navigate ( detail ) by Amy Rice

Drifter's Atlas No. 2 by Dolan Geiman

Fear Hope Oblivion by Francesca Berrini

A Good Mess by Wyanne Thompson

How about it, Artsies?  Anyone mapping out adventures for the weekend?  Have a maptastic artist to share?  Do tell!

1.  Rachel Ann Austin

2.  Amy Rice  ( Featured image is Tandem by Amy Rice )

3.  Dolan Geiman

4.  Francesca Berrini, more of her map artwork can be found at G. Gibson Gallery, here.

5.  Wyanne Thompson

Friday Forager Faves: Gone Campin’

1 Jul

Happy 4th of July weekend, Artsies!  As soon as the hubby gets off work today, we’re heading out for a little camping in the Port Townsend area ( For all my East Coast readers, that’s North of where we are in Aberdeen, PT is on the Northeastern tip of the Olympic Penisula ).  I’ve never been further North than Seattle, so I am super excited.  Anyone else doing a little holiday camping this weekend?  To get me ( and you! ) in the mood, here’s some of my favorite campy art..

Issaquah by Rachel Ann Austin

Caravel by Leah Giberson

Chaise De Camping by Ronald Bowen

Airstream Alice by Carrie Goller

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  Mix in something artsy along with all your outdoor celebrating!

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