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Artsy on Escape Into Life: Robert Townsend

17 Apr

Take a look back with me on Escape Into Life today!  I’m in love with the nostalgic pop culture work by California artist Robert Townsend.

Bill Connor by Robert Townsend, oil on panel, 72 x 48

Robert Townsend on Escape Into Life

Friday Faves: Hearts A’Flutter

10 Feb

I used to hate Valentine’s Day.  Back when I was single, my friends and I often enjoyed Anti-Valentine celebrations.  But now that I’m an old married lady ( it’s been an entire year of marital bliss! ), I revel in it.  So today in honor of the upcoming V-Day, dear Artsies, I’m sharing my obnoxious lovey-doveyness with you!  Here are some of my mushy-love-stuff faves..

Cleaning Is Addictive by Kelly Reemtsen

Sweetheart by Robert Townsend

Ventricle by Eva Milinkovic, Tsunami Glassworks

Love by Jill Joy

May your weekend be filled with love!  If you’re not on the receiving end, try giving some away!

Kelly Reemtsen

Robert Townsend

Tsunami Glassworks

Jill Joy

Featured image is by Sarah Ashley Longshore.  All images are via the artist’s websites.

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