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Seedling Saturdays: Kendall Hamilton

2 Apr

Today we’re continuing our Seedling Saturdays, featuring artwork created by children.  Today’s artist is Kendall Renee Hamilton, age 5, almost 6.  In addition to sharing a love of hot dogs, cake and the color turquoise with her aunt ( that would be me! ), Kendall also loves to draw and do anything crafty.  Since learning how to write, she often includes text in her drawings– maybe a future graphic designer? 

Enjoy Kendall’s work and be sure to email artwork by your own creative kids to artsyforager@att.net.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Driving Her Car by Kendall Hamilton, age 5

Stamp Art by Kendall Hamilton, age 5

Watercolor Words by Kendall Hamilton, age 5

Seedling Saturdays: Samantha Hamilton

26 Mar

One of my passions is encouraging anyone who has even the slightest interest in the arts.. but especially young children.  Their minds are still so open and fertile, they still believe they can be the next Picasso.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if they were able to hang onto that belief?

So Saturdays here at Artsy Forager are dedicated to kids.   It is my hope that the excitement brought by seeing their artwork on the internet will continue to foster confidence in their abilities.  Even if they don’t grow up to be professional artists, they will know that someone thought their efforts were valuable.

We kick off our “Seedling Saturdays” with one of my brother Jason’s own, ahem, seedlings.. my niece, Samantha Hamilton, age 10.  Samantha showed an affinity for art early on and has taken a few art classes, in addition to studying piano.  Her favorite artist is Georgia O’Keeffe ( a girl after my own heart! ).

After Monet by Samantha Hamilton, age 6

Circles by Samantha Hamilton, age 7

SHH.. Samantha Holly Hamilton by Samantha Hamilton, age 7


Portrait by Samantha Hamilton, age 8

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