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The Glamorati: Anna Kincaide Horne

17 Oct

For me, gorgeously styled movies and fashion photos are a guilty pleasure and voyeuristic escape.  For a brief moment, I can imagine myself a part of a super fabulous, amazingly glamorous life.  The work of Tallahassee artist Anna Kincaide Horne offers a similar experience in her elegantly painted figures.

Blue Tights Girl, oil on canvas, 48×3

Blue Gloves, oil on canvas, 30×40

In my gallery days, I relished the chance to dress up for an opening or special event.  Something about wearing heels and a little cocktail dress makes even a work event just a bit more exciting.  These days, I ( like many of us! ) live my days in jeans and flip flops.  Events for elegant dress are few and far between.

Happy Hour, oil on canvas

Everyone Wants to be Cary Grant, oil on canvas, 30×30

Yet, life still feels glamorous to me.  Mr. Forager and are pretty fortunate, we live a life filled with travel and discovery.  Even if we’re living it casual-style.

Artist found via Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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