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Have Yourself an Artsy Little Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas, Artsies!  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday filled with peace and love.  Here’s a lovely little video of artist Steven DaLuz‘s Watchers Series, currently on exhibit at Anarte Gallery in San Antonio.  The imagery and music are a perfect, quiet reflection for this holy night.

Video by Mia Feigelson

Friday Faves: Angels Among Us

23 Dec

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Tree Angel by Nicholas Wilton, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x40 ( via Selby Fleetwood Gallery )

Sentinel by Steven DaLuz, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

The Source by Brad Kunkle, oil, gold and silver on linen, 18x26

Se Escapo by Maribel Angel, mixed media and acrylic

At this time of year, angels are everywhere.  Both in ornamentation and figuratively.  Hope you’ll be an angel to someone this holiday!

Be sure to be an artsy angel and check out these artists’ websites:

1.  Nicholas Wilton 

2.  Steven DaLuz 

3.  Brad Kunkle 

4.  Maribel Angel 

All images are via the artists’ websites.

The Artsy Home: Decking Halls and Such

14 Dec

I LOVE this time of year.  It’s a few weeks out of our lives that we take the time to beautify our surroundings, making sure everything sparkles with a holiday glow.  We all become artists, creating vignettes of tinsel and holly,  making our homes magical for our loved ones, our children, ourselves.  A wonderful trend that I’m seeing is holiday decorating that is inspired by what we love to surround ourselves with every day. ( Oh, there’s still room for those homemade childhood ornaments! )

I thought it would be fun to pair some beautifully decorated Christmas trees with a work of art.  I’m no stranger to art-inspired tree decorating, take a look at these trees I decorated for the gallery where I was working a few years ago.  Just goes to show, any piece of art can inspire your holiday decor.  So let’s deck our Artsy halls!

the art:

The Keeper of Dreams by Philippe Loubat, oil on canvas, 23.62x23.62

the tree:

via TrendyTree.com

the art:

Frozen Blueberries by Christina Baker, acrylic on canvas, 30x30

the tree:

via SimplifiedBee.blogspot.com via StylebyEmilyHenderson.com

the art:

Sentinel by Steven DaLuz, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

the tree:

via House and Home

the art:

Growth by Haley Farthing, pastel and ink on wood, 48x24

the tree:

via Pinterest via Purlbee.com

the art:

Oceanic 29 by Thomas Hager

the tree:

via Stylish-living-room-ideas.com

the art:

Tower by Justin Richel, gouache on paper, 17x19.5

the tree:

via TrendyTree.com

Hope you’re inspired to think about your art collection when decorating for the holidays.  If it’s too late for this year, there’s always 2012.. it will be here before we know it!

Featured image is via SimplifiedBee.  All art images are via the artists’ websites.

The Neo-Luminist’s Vision: Steven DaLuz

10 Aug

The mixed media work of artist Steven DaLuz glows with an ethereal luminosity.  His atmospheric work explores the use of light to create ambience, whether it is a hazy and serene or deeply dramatic.

Threshold, mixed media on panel, 48x60

The self-described “Neo-Luminst” is creating work that is “concerned with the glowing effects of light”.  Instead of creating work with an inherent message or narrative, DaLuz instead prefers to let the emotionality of the light and color in his work allow the viewer to draw on their own perception and experience to invoke meaning.  Or to simply allow the imagery to speak for itself.

Opus 110, oil on metal leaf on birch, 48x48

For me, these seem to be rare glimpses into another world.  These are transcendent, the light, texture and composition all joining together to transport the viewer into a world that may or may not exist within our realm of experience.

Ovum 2, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

What one viewer may see as delicate and heavenly, another may view as foreboding and alien.  Or, like me, you may be drawn to the richness of color and elegance of the composition, which is enough to spark my own imagination.

Portal, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x48

To see more of this artist’s work, please visit his website or stop by his Facebook page.

Featured image is Cloud Bank by Steven DaLuz.  All images are courtesy of the artist’s website.

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