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Blueprint Constructions: Jose Betancourt with Susan Weil

6 Nov

Since the glory days of the Polaroid and the advent of the digital age, photography in many ways has become a bit of an “everyman’s medium”.  We all pick up our pocket digital cameras and iPhones when a scene inspires us.  Artist photographers like Jose Betancourt seek to bridge the gap between historical processes and modern sensibility.

Danky’s Blue


In this latest series, a collaboration with artist ( and ex-wife of Robert Rauschenberg ) Susan Weil, the two artists come together using historic and experimental photo processes such as cyanotypes, photograms, and Van Dyke Brown prints to create constructions consisting of photographic images.

Secrets, Weil’s Reflections

Sometimes, the constructions are configured to take on the form or another aspect of the photographed subject.  In this way, the photographs aren’t just two-dimensional images but come to life in a multi-demensional way.

Spring Sprung


To see more of this series, please visit the websites of Jose Betancourt and Susan Weil.  The exhibition of this series, Blueprints, can be seen at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art in Tuscumbia, Alabama until November 15th.

All images are via Jose Betancourt’s website.

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